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Interns as Force Multipliers and Difference Makers for TTOs

A well-oiled intern program is more than just extra help — it can actually have a huge impact on your TTO’s productivity and overall performance. Whether they’re assisting with disclosure screenings, IP searches, or market research, interns have the potential to save the TTO time and money while providing the intern with valuable work experience. But to make internship programs work best, it takes a lot more than just getting warm bodies behind a desk.

When internship programs are properly structured and managed, they can free up the professionals in your office to handle the really critical work and boost team productivity — ultimately allowing more deals to get done. On the flip side, poorly constructed and managed programs can simply get in the way and waste time for your staff and the intern – leaving everyone dissatisfied.

We’ve teamed up with panel of experts from Stanford, Columbia, NCI/NIH, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to share the details of their standout internship programs, and help you ensure your own program – and your interns – are getting maximum benefit. Join us on August 31st for Interns as Force Multipliers and Difference Makers for TTOs. We’ll review each organization’s unique structure, management practices, and tech transfer intern training programs so you can put their proven strategies into play right away while avoiding key mistakes and problems.

For complete details or to register, click here.

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