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University Technology Marketing Boot Camp – on-demand distance learning

Technology and licensing managers often are well-versed in a wide range of technical and scientific fields, have an excellent grasp of IP law, and have a good handle on business and financial issues too. But when it comes to marketing, they are often at a near-total loss.

By focusing on shoring up this critical but often neglected area of professional development, your TTO will reap huge dividends in its ability to attract the licensees, investors, entrepreneurs, and partners you need. The University Technology Marketing Boot Camp is a four-program, on-demand distance learning collection featuring university technology marketing experts who will lead you in making critical improvements in your marketing approaches and strategies. The four session topics are:

Session One: Understanding Your Technology, Inventor and Market

Session Two: Marketing Writing Best Practices

Session Three: Marketing by Channel

Session Four: Content Strategy and Analytics

For complete program and faculty details, click here.

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