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Boston Children’s Hospital: Senior Licensing Manager


Hybrid role. Relocation assistance.

This is a RETAINED SEARCH with Boston Children’s Hospital. Please forward CV and Deal Sheet to

This SENIOR role works with the Hospital’s research; negotiates the transfer of innovations technology to corporate partners for product development. Manages portfolio of intellectual property and works with outside patent counsel; makes considered investments in patents/patent applications. Negotiates industrial sponsored research projects. Develops commercialization strategies for Hospital’s intellectual property assets and negotiates complex arrangements for commercialization of those assets. Leads and manages major office-wide projects, such as: major research alliances, mentorship programs, or process improvement projects. Excellent communication with both internal and external stakeholders. Prioritizes multiple and competing priorities.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

· Technology Management: Receives, processes and organizes innovations from multiple departments/programs. Analyzes research support; discerns consequences to innovations of such support.

· Disclosure Evaluation: Assesses commercial potential of a technology and conducts a standard evaluation focused on: strength of IP, stage of technology, market potential and other tangible/intangible attributes.

· Patent Management: Works with outside patent counsel and coordinates activities with internal Operations Group on a portfolio of patents/patent applications; communicates IP issues to Department Chiefs and researches in a convincing manner, leading to go/no go decisions in order to be a good steward of resources.

· Managing Faculty Relationships / Ambassadorship: Provides excellent service to faculty and is an ambassador for the office within hospital. Manages complex relationships with faculty, independently.

· Intellectual Property and Deal Valuation: Evaluates value of intellectual property and to appropriately value such intellectual property in transactions with corporate partners.

· Agreements: Demonstrated proficiency in negotiating, drafting and managing simple agreements (NDAs, MoUs, IIAs); proficiency in communicating issues to researchers and third parties; negotiates these agreements independently; works closely and cooperatively with Contracts Group.

· Complex Agreements: Proficiency in developing business strategy and negotiating terms for Term Sheets, Options, Sponsored Research Agreements and Non-exclusive and Exclusive Licenses with limited supervision by senior management; works closely and cooperatively with Contracts Group.

Required Work Experience:

· 6-8 years of direct experience required in scientific/ technology evaluation, business development/marketing, patent examination or similar.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Ability to understand broad areas of life sciences research.

· Ability to discern commercial potential from life sciences research.

· Knowledge of patent law.

· Excellent ability to apply knowledge of commercialization process to development of commercialization plans.

· Ability to interact effectively with researchers, company’s representatives, outside patent counsel and others within the organization to accelerate technology commercialization.

· Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with industry.

· Proficiency in use of databases, Microsoft Office and other project management software.

· Demonstrates excellent ability to work in a team-oriented, matrixed environment.

· Ability to handle many activities at once; strong multi-tasking ability.

· High level strategic thinking and analysis

· Excellent analytical skills to resolve complex problems involving science, law, and business, within the complex framework of an academic medical center.

· Proven ability to manage complex stakeholders and balancing competing needs in difficult situations.

This is a RETAINED SEARCH. Please forward CV and Deal Sheet to