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Georgia Tech partners with Ferrovial to advance innovation in transport infrastructure

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: October 2nd, 2023

The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and global infrastructure operator Ferrovial have announced a long-term partnership aimed at advancing innovation in transport infrastructure.

Georgia Tech has collaborated with Ferrovial over the past several years, offering its extensive research capabilities in traffic engineering, construction, airports, and energy. The new partnership will allow the two parties to launch joint research projects, providing new educational and development opportunities for students while enabling Ferrovial to create a more sustainable future for mobility.

“Georgia Tech is globally recognized for its expertise in infrastructure and mobility, research, and development,” says Andres Sacristan, CEO of Ferrovial’s highway business Cintra Global. “Ferrovial understands our industry must remain agile as transportation continues to evolve. By partnering with universities like Georgia Tech, we can continue to improve the traveler experience and better serve our clients by providing new mobility solutions.”

Through its various divisions, including Cintra, Ferrovial has operated several major transport infrastructure projects across the state of Georgia, amounting to nearly $800 million.

“Ferrovial is reimagining transportation, and this collaboration will enable Georgia Tech researchers and students to gain a firsthand understanding of the needs of our nation’s infrastructure,” says Ángel Cabrera, president of Georgia Tech. “We are proud to partner with Ferrovial to drive the future of transportation and mobility, which will bring valuable technological innovation and knowledge transfer to our state.”

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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