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Queensland launches $76M program to support quantum industry

The government of Queensland, Australia, has launched a new program to support the continued growth of the state’s quantum technology industry.

The Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy will invest $76 million (AUS) over the next four years in an effort to leverage the state’s advanced research and fabrication capabilities across quantum and other related technologies, including semiconductors, superconductors, and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), for application in a range of industry sectors including green energy, batteries, medicine, critical minerals and defense.

The strategy was prepared in consultation with Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland, and key quantum and advanced technology companies. It will be overseen by Quantum Innovation Queensland, with representatives from universities, industry and government.

In addition, a new Quantum and Advanced Technologies Directorate will be formed to be a ‘front door’ for the quantum sector for industry and other key stakeholders.

Specific program that will be launched as part of the run by the Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy include:

  • the Queensland Quantum Foundry to support a quantum and advanced technologies incubator to foster science-led start-up company development and scale-up;
  • the Quantum Bioinnovator to translate quantum biotechnologies into biomedical and bioeconomy applications;
  • the Commercialization Infrastructure Program for co-investment alongside the Australian Government, universities, and industry in testing and fabrication infrastructure to support prototyping and small batch production of quantum and advanced technology devices;
  • an Innovation PhD program to attract and retain talented prospective scientist-founders, with an emphasis on supporting women and other under-represented groups;

“Quantum science will be critical in helping us to solve national and global challenges and will revolutionize several key fields and industries including renewable energy, critical minerals, batteries, medicine, and defense,” comments Science Minister Leanne Linard. “The Strategy includes commercialization-focused funding programs across infrastructure, start-up support, quantum skills, industry engagement, and investment attraction, including $18 million for translation initiatives such as the Queensland Quantum Foundry and the Quantum Bioinnovator, and $20 million for industry-accessible fabrication infrastructure.”

Source: Queensland Government

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