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U of Arizona start-up aims to tackle unique challenges facing orthopedic surgeons

A University of Arizona (UA) start-up aims to apply innovative research to address specific challenges faced by orthopedic surgeons.

Ancerix is based on the work of a multidisciplinary research team composed of UA students and faculty members. The team has invented extraction devices to tackle three common challenges in orthopedic hardware removal: screw heads that have become inaccessible due to bone growth; screws that have lost purchase due to infection or poor bone quality; and pieces of a broken rod that lack attachment points and are therefore irretrievable.

Upon FDA approval, Ancerix’s devices will be put forth as a comprehensive toolkit for surgeons.

“I’ve always believed in addressing the real-world challenges we face in the operating room,” says Daniel Latt, MD, PhD, associate professor at UA and head of the research team. “These tools, stemming from our rigorous research at the University of Arizona, aim to offer practical solutions to specific issues we frequently encounter. It’s about refining our approaches and ensuring we have the right tools at our disposal. Ancerix’s toolkit, built upon our patented inventions, represents this very ethos.”

The team worked with UA’s tech transfer office, Tech Launch Arizona (TLA), to patent the devices and license the IP to Ancerix.

“Ancerix rests on collaboration, innovation and an unwavering commitment to superior patient care,” says John Buttery, president of the start-up. “Our partnership with Dr. Latt and the licensed patents from the University of Arizona are a testament to this dedication. As we refine our orthopedic instruments with precision, we are firmly set on achieving the rigorous benchmarks for FDA approval. Subsequent to this, the Ancerix toolkit will be introduced to orthopedic surgical groups globally.”

Source: UArizona News

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