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Technology Transfer Tactics, October 2023

Technology Transfer Tactics, October 2023The following is a list of the articles that appear in the October 2023 issue of Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter.

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Technology Transfer Tactics
Vol. 17, No. 10, October 2023

  • Cedars-Sinai start-up’s $11 billion exit shows the value of de-risking, market feedback. Every TTO dreams of a tech transfer ‘home run,’ but not many have duplicated the grand slam that Cedars-Sinai hit with the acquisition of its spin-off, Prometheus Biosciences, Inc., by pharma giant Merck, which resulted in a $10.8 billion transaction and nearly $1 billion to its TTO. Leaders at Cedars-Sinai credit the success to its innovative scientific and clinical teams, a unique TTO model, and a number of critical decisions made along the way.
  • AI tools hold promise for efficiency gains in TTOs, but expect challenges. Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize many industries, but whether for better or worse is still being determined. For tech transfer programs, however, there are clear signs that AI tools can offer substantial benefits in efficiency — if some significant challenges can be overcome.
  • ASU’s innovative community incubator wants to serve 1,000 start-ups at a time. What if you had $275,000 in seed money for an innovation incubator intended to serve 1,000 aspiring entrepreneurs? How would you make it work?
  • Innovative strategies can cut patent costs for TTOs and their start-ups. The high costs of patenting have long been a challenge for TTO leaders, but experts say there are a number of strategies that can make the process more cost effective. For example, attorneys at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP recently focused on two in particular during a recent seminar. And while the presentation was entitled “A Cost-Effective Patent Strategy for Startups,” they assert that these recommendations are applicable to other TTO patent expenses as well as their start-ups.
  • Lehigh Ventures Lab partners with local credit union for start-up loans. Lehigh Ventures Lab, Lehigh University’s business incubator, is piloting a partnership with People First Federal Credit to commit $600,000 per year for start-up loans to faculty and student founders who satisfactorily complete all the growth milestones. The executive director of the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship formed the relationship with the credit union, which was looking to support early-stage businesses.
  • U Michigan’s Accelerate Blue Fund brings big returns in follow-on investments. The University of Michigan (U-M) is not the only university out there that has an internal venture fund, but there is something about this one that has investors talking. The Accelerate Blue Fund (ABF) is an early-stage venture fund that is solely focused on start-ups that are commercializing licensed IP and research resulting from U-M’s 19 schools and three campuses. It’s managed by U-M’s Innovation Partnerships office, the main portal for commercialization activity.

Posted October 13th, 2023