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UT Dallas and UT Southwestern partner with Texas Instruments to boost development of medical technologies

The University of Texas (UT) Southwestern and UT Dallas have partnered with Texas Instruments (TI) to launch a new facility supporting the development of new medical technologies.

Located at UT Southwestern, the Texas Instruments Biomedical Engineering and Sciences Building will support the work of dozens of faculty members from UT Southwestern and UT Dallas, providing lab facilities, collaborative spaces and a large design studio equipped with a metal fabrication shop and rooms for 3D printing.

“As the momentum of biomedical innovation has continued to accelerate across Texas and especially the Dallas-Fort Worth region, the need for facilities that can foster underlying research to produce solutions for unmet medical needs and train the next generation of innovators is critical,” says Daniel K. Podolsky, president of UT Southwestern.

“This new facility will cultivate a distinctive educational environment to advance transformational bioengineering that will improve patient care, facilitate advances in related fields such as artificial intelligence, molecular imaging, robotics, and genetic engineering, and further solidify North Texas as a hub for biomedical innovation,” Podolsky says.

Haviv Ilan, president and CEO of Texas Instruments, comments, “We are proud to serve as a catalyst for the environment being dedicated today, where scientists, engineers, and other innovators can find fresh solutions that will lead to new therapies, new drugs, and new devices to help patients. I’m personally inspired by what a shared vision has led to — a center for life-improving innovations we can only begin to imagine.”

Source: UT Southwestern

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