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Beyond the Patent: Maximizing IP Licensing Revenues with Trade Secrets and Know-How

It’s quite possible, and even likely, that your tech transfer office is leaving significant licensing revenues on the table by ignoring two categories of IP: Know-how and trade secrets. These oft-overlooked areas represent valuable assets that can increase total revenues when paired with a patent license or, particularly with trade secrets, bring in new revenues by monetizing what otherwise would be unpatentable IP. 

Know-how can be negotiated into a license but is often disregarded simply because assigning it an actual value is a difficult concept for licensees and licensors alike, making negotiations tricky.

Trade secrets can be both integrated with a patent license and negotiated as distinct IP assets, but first you must identify what constitutes a trade secret, understand its commercial value, and make sure it’s protected in the absence of a patent.

By aggressively negotiating these often-overlooked assets, you can capture very significant dollars that would otherwise be lost, while cementing valuable relationships with companies and supporting the progress of their innovations to the marketplace. To help you tap into these underutilized assets, we’ve curated a two-program distance learning collection: Beyond the Patent: Maximizing IP Licensing Revenues with Trade Secrets and Know-How. The two strategy-filled sessions provide a detailed roadmap for drafting and negotiating rights and terms for both know-how and trade secrets. For complete faculty and program details, click here.  

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