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Technology Transfer Tactics, November 2023

Technology Transfer Tactics, November 2023The following is a list of the articles that appear in the November 2023 issue of Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter.

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Technology Transfer Tactics
Vol. 17, No. 11, November 2023

  • Faculty consulting can force TTOs into difficult decisions on asserting IP ownership. Faculty consulting with companies to help them design or improve products, or otherwise develop ideas that might become commercially viable, is common and can be a significant revenue stream for faculty members. World class experts in technology or medicine are frequently called upon by corporations, but how does a TTO handle these side deals that do not involve university licenses and formal agreements with the university?
  • iEdison’s new utilization reporting coming due, and many TTOs are not ready. The deadline for responding to the new utilization requirements in iEdison is quickly approaching, and technology transfer offices may well be sweating the details.
  • Harvard legal fight muddies the water over licensing and antitrust claims. Harvard University’s litigation with two biotech companies raises questions about the requirements for making federally funded innovations widely available to industry players and how to handle exclusive licenses to university start-ups.
  • Only experienced founders need apply to ORNL’s ‘Safari’ start-up program. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has launched a new entrepreneurial startup program, called Safari, designed to connect entrepreneurs with “commercially relevant” technologies in the lab’s portfolio. However, this program is not for everyone: It’s only open to post-exit or serial entrepreneurs – a distinction that helps ensure the start-ups get the best chance at success, and something TTOs may wish to consider in their own start-up matching programs.
  • U of Utah’s Master of Business Creation crafted for company founders. The University of Utah takes entrepreneurship education a big step further than most. Now in its fifth year, the university’s Master of Business Creation (MBC) is a unique program that helps students manage and grow the businesses they themselves have founded, rather than preparing them for management in a company founded by someone else, as is the case with a typical MBA.
  • Inadvertent IP disclosures happen: Here’s how to handle them. It can happen — and it has happened — in the enthusiasm of wanting to tell others about one’s research and discoveries: As part of a presentation, or a poster session, or class notes, or a seminar, or an article, a professor or graduate assistant discloses some part of his or her work that is deemed essential to obtaining a future patent.

Posted November 13th, 2023