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Caltech start-up gets FDA approval for noninvasive device that can detect signs of heart failure

A Caltech start-up recently received FDA approval for a technology that could improve the way heart failure is diagnosed.

Ventric Health aims to commercialize a device known as Vivio that can noninvasively detect signs of heart failure.

Based on research conducted by Caltech professor and Ventric co-founder Mory Gharib, the technology involves a wearable arm cuff that monitors a patient’s pulse, paired with a machine-learning algorithm that detects pulse characteristics associated with heart failure.

Now that Ventric has obtained FDA clearance to sell Vivio, Gharib says the start-up aims to deploy the devices to healthcare groups and medical centers, where they can be used to routinely monitor incoming patients’ heart health.

Gharib credits Caltech for providing commercialization support to his team, as well as to other innovative faculty members and students at the university.

“We don’t just keep inventions at home sitting on the shelf,” Gharib says. “We are trying to get them out into the world and to have a societal impact.”

Source: Caltech

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