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Generative AI Use in TTOs: Realizing the Potential and Mitigating the Pitfalls

Generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT offer enormous potential to tech transfer and other commercialization offices in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. AI can automate preparatory tasks, freeing up staff for more strategic, creative, and high-value activities.

AI tools can also aid in decision-making by:

  • Summarizing results from public sources: patent databases, scientific literature, and news.
  • Helping populate forms and databases, saving considerable time and resources. 
  • Generating content for promotion and marketing.

However, there are risks associated with AI, including potential issues with data privacy and security, biases in AI algorithms, AI “hallucinations,” and others. That’s why knowing how to realize the potential of AI for TTO cost savings and efficiency while mitigating these risks is critical. 

To address the benefits of AI tools as well as the potential risks, we’re partnering in this timely program with Joe Runge, JD, MS, Associate Director of the UNeTech Institute, Mary Albertson, CLP, RTTP, Director of the Office of Technology Licensing at Georgia Institute of Technology, and Dvorah Graeser, PhD, founder of and KISSPatent. These early adopters will share their experiences with implementing ChatGPT in this enlightening one-hour webinar: Generative AI Use in TTOs: Realizing the Potential and Mitigating the Pitfalls, scheduled for November 30th.

This program will discuss in detail how each office has used AI-enabled programs and ChatGPT while addressing key challenges you may face when implementing these tools within your office.

For complete details or to register, click here.

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