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SBIR and STTR Step-by-Step: A How-To Guide for Preparing Winning NIH and NSF Proposals

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: November 15th, 2023

For many university start-ups, obtaining the non-dilutive funding available through the NIH and NSF SBIR/STTR programs is a critical bridge to the future, allowing continuing development and setting the stage for future investments and scale-up. But all SBIR/STTR proposals are not created equal, and faculty innovators, start-up founders, TTO staff, and sponsored research managers must understand how to ensure their applications stand apart from the herd.

That’s why we’ve produced SBIR and STTR Step-by-Step: A How-To Guide for Preparing Winning NIH and NSF Proposals, a two-session distance learning collection filled with clear and proven guidance from an expert with a long track record of crafting successful applications.

Our program leader, Sonia Vohnout, President & Founder of OppsSpot, LLC, reviews step-by-step how to apply and write compelling proposals for submission to the NIH and NSF. Focusing on the NIH and NSF application process, respectively, each program covers strategies for telling your innovation’s story, capitalizing on your strategic partnerships, clearly identifying your customer market, and structuring your proposal to capture the reviewer’s full attention. Both programs also provide detailed guidance on:

  • The submission process step-by-step, section by section
  • How to clearly explain and justify your project’s fundability
  • Providing evidence of value via letters of support, spotlighting team members with crucial skillsets
  • Best practices for using graphs, data and photos to help articulate your story and mission
  • Critical submission deadlines and other requirements

For complete details or to order, click here.

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