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Corporate Tiering Strategies: Identifying and Nurturing High-Value Industry Partnerships

The landscape for corporate partnerships is vast and wide, while industry engagement and corporate relations staff members can usually be counted on one hand. That makes efficiency of effort critical. Time and resources spent marketing to new potential partners and nurturing the relationships you already have must be laser-focused on where you can realize the greatest return on those efforts.

Corporate tiering, a strategy for identifying your most valuable partnerships as well as your best prospects — and for maximizing those engagements in a strategic way for the university — has been utilized by Virginia Tech and the University of Washington for years with great success. Using a data-focused approach, the corporate tiering strategy allows the schools to sift through the thousands of sponsors providing gifts and other research support to identify and cultivate the most important relationships.

Our Distance Learning Division teamed up with the industry engagement leaders at both schools to produce this detailed partnership-building program: Corporate Tiering Strategies: Identifying and Nurturing High-Value Industry Partnerships, available in on-demand video and transcript, as well as DVD.

For complete program details, click here.

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