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U of Utah creating network of academic and industry partners to boost semiconductor research and education

The University of Utah (U of U) is establishing a statewide network of academic and industry partners to advance semiconductor research, education and workforce development.

The Utah Network for Integrated Computing and Semiconductor Research and Education (UNICOS) will create a shared curriculum between colleges and universities throughout the state. U of U’s nano-fabrication lab, the Utah Nanofab, will serve as the central hands-on training facility, providing crucial equipment and other resources that might otherwise be inaccessible to students at other Utah universities.

“The objective of UNICOS is to increase the overall quality of education and training for the semiconductor area,” says Hanseup Kim, professor at U of U and director of UNICOS. “High school graduates, associate degree students, master’s, PhD — all skill levels should be able to come if they want to gain those experiences.”

Another goal is to boost semiconductor workforce development by creating a certificate program that provides hands-on job training courses for all educational levels. UNICOS will engage with industry partners including Texas Instruments to finalize the contents of the courses to ensure they meet industry demands.

“We are looking currently for support from the state to finance those programs,” says Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez, professor at U of U and director of the Utah Nanofab. “What we want in the future, through this ecosystem that the center will create, is [to] be able to get bigger, larger grants that have a bigger impact.”

Source: The Daily Utah Chronicle

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