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Joint spinout from McGill and BXVentures looks to commercialize novel renewable energy tech

A new joint spinout from McGill University and start-up accelerator BXVentures aims to commercialize a technology that uses metal fuels to create renewable energy.

FeX Energy has developed a method to burn metal powders to produce high-temperature heat, which can be used to generate electricity. The metal powders can be endlessly replenished and made reusable by adding basic chemicals, while generating a higher energy density compared to other renewable sources, with no carbon emissions and without the use of hazardous chemicals.

FeX Energy was launched through a partnership between McGill University and BXVentures focused on commercializing cleantech projects from McGill’s research labs. BXVentures will provide FeX Energy with operational support, entrepreneurial mentorship, climate tech expertise, and other resources to help ensure the start-up’s commercial success.

“FeX Energy is a first demonstration and a great example of the deployment and commercialization capabilities of BXVentures Canada applied to cleantech innovation developed by McGill University,” says Marc Guilbert, co-founder and CEO of BXVentures Canada. “As we kick off our partnership with McGill, this is a great opportunity to provide the business-building resources necessary to accelerate the rollout and impact of FeX Energy’s ground-breaking energy system.”

Source: betakit

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