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USC start-up offers platform to help other university start-ups hire students

A start-up from the University of Southern California (USC) has developed a platform for other entrepreneurs to help them find talented employees, providing students with job opportunities in the process.

Unistart is a free, centralized database of user-submitted start-ups from USC and other universities, allowing student and alumni entrepreneurs to connect with job-seeking students.

USC alums Jerry Teng and Marcel Miro co-founded the business with business major Ethan Lippman to address the lack of entrepreneurship resources at the university.

“[Teng] was trying to get into entrepreneurship at USC, but it’s a who’s who kind of game,” says Lippman. “You have to know people that are involved in the clubs and the clubs are a bit hard to get into… So he runs into the problem of ‘he wants to learn more about USC start-ups, but he has nowhere to go.’”

The Unistart database now has more than 1,500 start-ups from 10 different universities, including 200 start-ups founded by USC students and alumni.

Andrei Stenmark, USC senior and founder of a laundry delivery app called WAFL, says Unistart was a major help for his business. “It was much harder than I thought it was to find good people. I probably went through nine different employees in three months,” Stenmark says. “I’ve used [Unistart] for some social media stuff. I’ve used them to find brand ambassadors recently. They’re insanely helpful.”

Aidan Bunch, a developer for Unistart who recently added his own start-up, Vertix Fellows, to the database, says he has already seen the benefits. “A lot of people use the site,” he says. “We put up a job posting and we’ve been able to source at least a couple candidates for the two days that it has been on there.”

According to Lippman, Unistart is working on an investor outreach feature to help start-ups find investors and vice-versa. “We have jobs, we have start-up data and we have capital,” Lippman says. “Bringing investors on the platforms is our endgame goal.”

Source: Daily Trojan

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