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IP Protection and Generative AI Technologies: What Tech Transfer Offices (and their counsel) Need to Know

Generative AI tools like Dall*E and ChatGPT have exploded in the market and in popularity over the last year, and many university researchers are incorporating AI technologies into their research and resulting innovations. These systems use vast quantities of data as input to generate new customized content, such as text, images, and technical designs. As tech transfer and research offices consider how to support and license these innovations, they must be wary of a wide range of IP issues — and the rapid evolution of how those issues can and should be addressed. How IP is protected — or left unprotected — impacts the creators of training data, the companies providing the systems to the public, and third-party IP right holders.

It’s a virtual minefield with copyright infringement claims on the rise, disputes about ownership of machine-made works, and data integrity concerns. And with the new executive order from the Biden Administration now in the mix, the future for IP as it relates to AI is even cloudier. That’s why we’ve teamed up with two attorney experts to present this eye-opening webinar: IP Protection and Generative AI Technologies: What Tech Transfer Offices (and their counsel) Need to Know, scheduled for January 9, 2024.

Our expert panel will provide a detailed look at the current legal landscape for Generative AI tools, as well as peer into the future as new cases and regulations emerge. They’ll also discuss situations various IP rights holders may face in protecting or enforcing their rights, and address current issues that universities, companies, and governments are wrestling with at the intersection of IP rights and Generative AI.

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