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U of North Florida partners with JEA to launch lab for renewable energy

The University of North Florida (UNF) and utility company JEA have jointly launched a lab that will enable undergraduate and graduate students to research renewable energy and other sustainable technologies.

The JEA Sustainable Solutions Lab will be supported by a five-year commitment of $500,000 from JEA. Projects currently under development at the lab include a small-scale 2-kilowatt microgrid solar panel system.

According to JEA officials, as the company plans for a more sustainable and distributed energy future, “collaborations like these are critical to developing a workforce prepared to meet our community’s energy and water needs.”

“JEA and UNF share a common goal of ensuring a robust pool of trained and environmentally conscious engineers, scientists and other industry professionals to contribute to the responsible economic development of Northeast Florida,” JEA says. “The lab will serve as a hub for research to develop long-range and lasting solutions for JEA and a variety of industries.”

Source: The American Public Power Association

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