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Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development

Partnerships have become increasingly critical to universities and the corporate partners they work with in spurring innovation, building talent pipelines, expanding student opportunities, leveraging expertise, and enhancing economic development efforts. To build partnerships, however, you first need to find those partners whose needs match your university’s strengths and begin the often arduous engagement process – a task that requires much more than a simple Google search.

Whether they be for talent development, sponsored research, philanthropy, or involve a holistic menu of engagement activities, your limited time and resources spent marketing to new potential partners while nurturing the relationships you already have must be laser-focused on where you can realize the greatest return on those efforts.

That’s why we’ve curated this three-program distance learning collection: Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development. This strategy-filled collection provides detailed guidance on how to identify prime contacts, assign a value to and prioritize potential partners, and ensure you start with a solid understanding of what industry’s needs are. 

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