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UC Davis leads creation of collaborative center for sustainable food development

The University of California (UC) Davis is leading the launch of a new center that will bring together industry and academia to develop innovative, sustainable alternatives to meat products.

The Integrative Center for Alternative Meat and Protein (iCAMP) will work toward large-scale commercialization and technological advancement of alternative proteins, including plant-based foods, hybrids that combine conventional meat products with alternative proteins, and cultivated meat, which is produced from animal cells grown in large fermentors.

To accomplish this, iCAMP will foster research and development collaborations between academic researchers, industry professionals, advocacy groups and food innovators, with the ultimate goal of creating products that can be scaled up enough to significantly boost the sustainability of the global food system.

“Expansion of conventional animal agriculture is unlikely to be able to meet demand at a reasonable price,” says David Block, director of iCAMP and professor at UC Davis. “We have to come up with alternatives and create additional sustainable food sources.”

Source: UC Davis

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