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Silo Pharma licenses Columbia U therapeutic targeting anxiety and PTSD

Drug developer Silo Pharma has licensed a therapeutic from Columbia University that targets stress-induced affective disorders including anxiety and PTSD.

Silo has picked up the option on an agreement originally signed in 2021 and will now be granted an exclusive license to further develop, manufacture, and commercialize the treatment known as SPC-15.

Developed by Columbia researchers, SPC-15 is a novel serotonin receptor agonist, delivered intranasally to increase stress resilience in high-risk populations.

There are currently only two drugs approved for treating PTSD, both of which solely target the depressive effects of the condition. SPC-15 takes a unique approach by focusing on stress resilience.

Silo CEO Eric Weisblum comments, “Through our research collaboration with Columbia University and our CRO studies, we have successfully taken SPC-15 through preclinical development to prepare for the submission of our FDA pre-investigational New Drug Application (IND) by the end of the second quarter 2024. In each study, we have observed consistently strong data which we believe warrants the exercise of our option for exclusive worldwide licensing rights for this novel drug candidate.”

Source: Globe Newswire

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