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Intensive LinkedIn Workshop: Strategies to Enhance Your Presence and Extend Your Reach

LinkedIn is the social media channel for TTOs and industry engagement offices. It’s a must-use business tool that, when utilized to its maximum potential, will harvest valuable business connections with potential partners, investors, licensees, colleagues, and more. But to realize that potential involves much more than just hitting the “connect” button.

While many TTOs and engagement offices rely on LinkedIn as a part of their marketing and communication plans, very few have actually studied and learned how to optimize its impact and reach — and results. That’s where this two-part distance learning workshop comes in — now available on-demand for immediate use and future training.

Intensive LinkedIn Workshop for TTOs: Strategies to Enhance Your Presence and Extend Your Reach is a detailed, practical distance learning program featuring Tamir Huberman, CIO and Head of Marketing at Yeda, the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute. Tamir is perhaps the foremost LinkedIn expert in the tech transfer field. He has organized the program into two distinct 90-minute, in-depth sessions. You’ll be encouraged to apply the lessons from the first session in real time, building on those lessons with more advanced strategies presented in session 2.

With a total of more than three hours of intensive training, this workshop costs just $297 and can be shared an unlimited number of times with staff and colleagues in your organization. For complete program details or to purchase, click here.

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