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TTO Marketing with Limited Marketing Resources: Doing More with Less

In a perfect world, every tech transfer office would have a dedicated marketing staff spending all day reaching out to prospects, crafting clever promotions and social media posts, building faculty relationships, and creating a funnel of licensing opportunities.

But it’s not a perfect world and most TTOs are understaffed, forcing these tasks upon already maxed-out licensing and technology managers. The main tasks of protecting and licensing IP get diluted, and staff morale sinks.

We’ve tapped four TTO marketing experts who understand the struggles of a slim-to-none marketing budget — and yet are producing great results. The key? Relationships, communication, interns, trainees and fellows, and a little help from AI. Please join us for this strategy-filled program designed to help expand and improve your TTO’s marketing without expanding your budget: TTO Marketing with Limited Marketing Resources: Doing More with Less, scheduled for April 25th.

Our team of presenters will tap into their vast wealth of knowledge and their proven strategies for “doing more with less” and bring you their best practices. For complete program and faculty details or to register, click here.

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