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About Tech Transfer Central

Tech Transfer Central is designed to be a one-stop destination supplying information, news, products, and services for technology transfer and intellectual property professionals. The site is owned and operated by 2Market Information Inc., which also publishes Technology Transfer Tactics, the world’s most widely read and respected independent publication for tech transfer professionals. Its monthly issues offer unique, practical, and advanced strategies, case studies, best practices, and expert guidance on a broad range of challenges and opportunities for technology transfer offices and professionals. 

Technology Transfer Tactics has been published monthly since it debuted in May 2007. As the publication gained subscribers worldwide and became a must-read for its helpful, how-to content, 2Market Information added the free online publications Tech Transfer eNews and Tech Transfer University Reporter, followed by a vibrant Distance Learning Division that now produces more than 30 interactive webinars each year and has compiled an archive of over 300 recorded programs.

Soon after launching the Distance Learning Division, the company began creating books and reports — including its popular Tech Transfer Library series — as well as partnering with other information providers so that a broad array of resources for tech transfer, licensing, legal, and other professionals could be offered in one place. These resources include royalty rate and IP valuation references, patent law guidebooks, valuation and technology assessment software and tools, market research reports, TTO benchmarking resources, certification programs, directories, and databases among others.

Tech Transfer Central brings all these resources into one convenient location and indexes them by both product type and topic, so if you are looking for guidance in a specific subject – say faculty outreach or IP valuation – you can easily find all our products that will help. The site also features weekly specials on selected resources, a searchable archive of our Tech Transfer eNews articles, and a free university-specific search engine of patents issued to universities.  

We invite you to explore the site, sign up to receive Tech Transfer eNews free, and make Tech Transfer Central a bookmarked destination for all your professional development and information needs.