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New venture, TechPipeline, to build upon the legacy of Tech Transfer Central

TechPipeline, Inc. announced the acquisition of publishing and research company 2Market Information Inc., owner of Tech Transfer Central, Technology Transfer Tactics, and University-Industry Engagement Advisor. TechPipeline was founded by Robert Lowe and Laura Schoppe — two longtime leaders in the technology transfer and intellectual property (IP) industries.

The pair created TechPipeline to build on the legacy of 2Market Information, Inc., known for its highly informative newsletters and webinars plus the recently released Salary Survey of Technology Transfer Personnel on its website. The team’s first initiatives will be to modernize the company’s branding, including its website and publications, and develop new content and resources to serve the broader university-industry community.

The new venture will leverage the TechPipeline founders’ expertise to continue existing publications and expand the offerings of the tech transfer information powerhouse. David Schwartz, CEO of 2Market Information, will remain as executive editor for the company’s industry-leading publications. The new company’s founders expect subscribers to continue to enjoy the same quality educational materials along with new products and resources to enhance their tech transfer and IP management work, such as market research reports.

“University, government, other tech transfer offices, and their service providers have long relied on Tech Transfer Central for valuable information,” said Lowe, who will serve as TechPipeline’s Chief Executive Officer and manage the company’s operations. A serial entrepreneur in the tech transfer space, Lowe formerly founded Wellspring Worldwide and led the development of its flagship innovation management product, Sophia. “We’re excited to be taking on the mantle to provide useful content that informs and educates the tech transfer and IP professionals entrusted with innovators’ ideas. It’s a nearly 20-year tradition of providing uniquely targeted guidance and resources that we’re eager to build on.”

Lowe co-owns TechPipeline with Schoppe. She remains president of Fuentek, LLC, which Schoppe founded in 2001 and is one of the world’s leading tech transfer consultancies. As a key advisor to TechPipeline, Schoppe will tap into her more than 30 years of experience in helping universities, government labs, research hospitals, and other non-profit and corporate R&D organizations to create innovative concepts that will continue to help subscribers manage their intellectual property proactively, efficiently, and effectively.

“I’ve always felt that sharing best practices and insights on shifting trends was essential to strengthening the tech transfer profession,” said Schoppe, who has released hundreds of blog posts, articles, webinars, conference presentations, infographics, and more. “I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to TechPipeline’s educational products, including new content that helps readers implement enhanced IP management in their tech transfer and tech sourcing offices.”

Schwartz also expressed enthusiasm for the new venture. “As I thought about the next phase for Tech Transfer Central, Laura immediately leapt to mind as someone I’d want to ‘pass the torch’ to,” said Schwartz, who launched 2Market Information in 2009. “Her teaming up with Rob to carry it forward as TechPipeline made perfect sense. Their skills and experience really complement each other. I look forward to collaborating with them as we carry on and expand the vision I had for providing valuable, quality information for tech transfer and research commercialization professionals.”

TechPipeline will continue to send the monthly Technology Transfer Tactics and University-Industry Engagement Advisor newsletters to subscribers. The company plans to share more information about what’s coming down the “TechPipeline” through its e-zines in the months ahead.

For more information about these and other offerings, visit or contact Lowe at

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2Market Information Inc. and University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) enter affiliation for distribution of Industry-Sponsored Research Management to UIDP members

2Market Information Inc., publisher of Industry-Sponsored Research Management newsletter, has entered an affiliation agreement with University Industry Demonstration Partnership to provide access to the publication for all UIDP’s institutional member representatives.

Launched in March 2017, Industry-Sponsored Research Management is the first and only how-to newsletter designed to help universities attract more corporate-sponsored research and manage those partnerships effectively.  Not-for-profit UIDP is the leading membership organization for corporations and universities seeking to address issues impacting academic-industry collaboration and find better ways to partner and maximize their investments in those collaborations.

Under the affiliation agreement, all of UIDP’s member representatives will gain access to the publication via the organization’s members-only web portal, beginning with the January 2018 issue. Industry-Sponsored Research Management will continue to be offered to non-UIDP members on a subscription basis.

UIDP President Anthony Boccanfuso, commenting on the affiliation, noted that it is part of the organization’s continuing efforts to provide more value for members, and more guidance and tools for encouraging and enhancing university-industry partnerships.

“The addition of Industry-Sponsored Research Management to our many resources is just the latest in our ongoing education efforts and a valuable new benefit for our membership,” Boccanfuso said. “UIDP’s commitment to building bridges between universities and corporations has never been stronger, nor has it ever been more needed. The outstanding, practical guidance found in each issue of Industry-Sponsored Research Management will be invaluable to the many leading companies and top universities who make up the UIDP as they seek deeper, more valuable partnerships.”

Added David Schwartz, CEO of 2Market Information Inc. and publisher of Industry-Sponsored Research Management:  “We are thrilled to welcome UIDP members to our worldwide readership. This affiliation is a fantastic match, as the missions of our publication and the UIDP line up perfectly – to identify and disseminate new and better strategies and models for university-industry collaboration. UIDP members will see best practices, case studies, and proven tactics for deepening their partnerships and realizing better return on their investments in these relationships.”  

Subscribers to Industry-Sponsored Research Management – and now UIDP members as well — receive expert guidance every month on the full spectrum of challenge they face in attracting and managing industry-university partnerships. Key topics covered include:

  • Marketing research capabilities and building ties with industry partners
  • Negotiating contract terms that support the university’s mission while also creating valuable benefits for corporate partners
  • Dealing expertly with complex intellectual property issues
  • Engaging faculty in efforts to build industry partnerships
  • Monitoring and preventing research bias, fraud and conflicts of interest
  • Ensuring contract compliance and maintain open, ongoing dialogue and collaboration
  • Complying with a host of regulations, internal rules, and legal legal requirements

To learn more about Industry-Sponsored Research Management and request a sample issue, click here.

About UIDP

The UIDP comprises many different perspectives and one focus: improving University-Industry (U-I) partnerships. It is a unique project-oriented forum where representatives from academia and industry seek opportunities to develop new approaches to working together. UIDP membership comprises some of the finest innovation companies and best research universities in the world: organizations committed to active participation in pursuit of excellence in U-I collaboration and partnership. Members of UIDP don’t just talk about problems, they solve them.  For further information on membership, go to

About 2Market Information Inc.

Atlanta-based 2Market Information Inc., publisher of both Technology Transfer Tactics and Industry-Sponsored Research Management, is the world’s leader in providing practical guidance and professional development for technology transfer and research commercialization professionals. Along with these publications, the company’s offerings include webinars, books, distance learning collections, e-zines, software, and other tools available in print and electronically through the Tech Transfer Central web portal. To learn more about its products and services, go to  

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Latest issue of Industry-Sponsored Research Management spotlights new contracting models that attract more corporate partnerships

The May issue of the all-new publication Industry-Sponsored Research Management offers an inside look at two alternative contracting models designed to be more attractive to corporate sponsors than standing sponsored research agreements.

The two programs were developed by two different Oregon universities — Oregon State and the Oregon Health and Sciences University.  They share a common goal: To overcome common barriers to industry-sponsored research deals using simpler contract terms and easier access to intellectual property developed under the agreements.  Those terms, their implementation, and their impact are detailed by research management  leaders at each institution.

 The May issue also features several other detailed articles focused on building and effectively managing university-industry research partnerships:

  • Michigan State University’s Business-CONNECT program offers a “front door to corporations” and takes a holistic approach to corporate engagement, stimulating both research funding as well as economic development in the region.
  • Members of a research consortium in the Philadelphia area, led by the Wistar Institute, have all pledged to use a standardized sponsored research agreement that will cut the time and effort involved for industry partners.
  • John Deere Co. has opened its own office on the Iowa State University campus as a way of “embedding” into the fabric of the research institution and building closer ties to faculty innovators.
  • The Michigan Corporate Relations Network was recently expanded to include all 15 state universities, all working to help companies with everything from finding interns to building fruitful research partnerships.   

CLICK HERE for complete details on Industry-Sponsored Research Management

Launched last month by Atlanta-based 2Market Information Inc., Industry-Sponsored Research Management is the first and only publication devoted to helping universities build and manage their portfolios of corporate-sponsored research agreements.

Each monthly issue contains high-level strategies and best practices designed to help research managers bring in more industry research contracts, negotiate deals effectively, build lasting relationships with corporate sponsors, protect valuable intellectual property, avoid conflicts of interest, and ensure airtight compliance practices.

“We are filling a big void for information on this critical topic,” says David Schwartz, 2Market Information’s CEO and publisher. “In light of proposed cuts to federal research grants, it’s become even more important than ever for universities to establish strong ties with industry partners and enable their research labs to continue making discoveries that bring benefits to the economy and to the world. It’s imperative that research universities get solid information on how to gain industry funding and management these complicated relationships.”

For complete details on the publication and a special discounted charter subscription offer, CLICK HERE.

Atlanta-based 2Market Information Inc., publisher of Technology Transfer Tactics, is the world’s leader in providing practical guidance and professional development for technology transfer and research commercialization professionals. To learn more about its products and services, go to   

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2Market Information Inc. announces the launch of Industry-Sponsored Research Management, focused on attracting and managing corporate sponsorship agreements

2Market Information Inc., publisher of TechnologyTransfer Tactics newsletter and Tech Transfer eNews, and producer of distance learning programs for technology transfer professionals, has announced the launch of Industry-Sponsored Research Management, the first and only how-to newsletter helping universities attract more corporate-sponsored research and manage those partnerships effectively.

This monthly publication is a single source of how-to, practical information focused squarely on providing industry-sponsored research managers with high-level strategies and best practices guaranteed to bring in more contracts, negotiate deals effectively, build lasting relationships with corporate sponsors, protect valuable intellectual property, and ensure airtight compliance practices.

“The squeeze on research funding from traditional government and other grant sources is something every university has been dealing with, and many have turned to lucrative industry-sponsored collaborations to replace or supplement that traditional funding,” says David Schwartz, 2Market Information’s CEO and publisher. “There are tens of millions of dollars involved, critical intellectual property issues, difficult contracting and negotiation challenges, and very tricky conflict of interest concerns – yet there has been a near-total absence of in-depth, practical coverage of these challenges. We aim to change that,” Schwartz states.

Charter subscribers to Industry-Sponsored Research Management will also receive a free distance learning collection, Best Practices in Forming and Managing Industry-University Partnerships. It includes three programs that tackle some of the toughest challenges faced in the industry-sponsored research arena.

For a free copy of the premiere issue, CLICK HERE or call 239-263-0605. For further information on the publication or to become a charter subscriber for just $297 (a $100 discount), plus receive the three-program distance learning collection Best Practices in Forming and Managing Industry-University Partnerships, CLICK HERE.

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Tech Transfer Central Expands Its Media and Promotion Services, Offers Unrivaled Reach in Targeting Intellectual Property and Research Commercialization Professionals

Atlanta, GA – PRWEB – December 16, 2013 – Tech Transfer Central, the world’s leading provider of information, news, publications and online learning for technology transfer and intellectual property professionals, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its sponsorship and advertising solutions to better serve the marketplace. This new offering features: content-driven lead generation tools; unprecedented access to research commercialization, licensing and tech transfer professionals; and co-branding opportunities across Tech Transfer Central’s content and media outlets. Click here for more information.

Owned by 2Market Information, Inc., Tech Transfer Central is the home to leading publications, including: Tech Transfer eNews, Technology Transfer Tactics and Tech Transfer University Reporter. Readership includes more than 150,000 decision makers in universities, labs, research facilities, law firms, investment and consulting firms, tech incubators, government agencies, corporations and other entities that have a stake in tech transfer or research commercialization.

“The readership of our publications has grown steadily over the years, and continues to grow along with our online learning, books and other information products,” says Tech Transfer Central president, David Schwartz. “As a result we are able to supply companies serving this industry with a marketing engine to help them with lead generation, sales and branding for their products and services.”

Schwartz cites several ways the company is expanding its promotional opportunities. The first is by increasing the number of advertising vehicles. The second is by tapping into the company’s vast archive of content to supply clients with webinars and whitepapers that will optimize lead generation. And the third is by offering Bundled Advertising Options that enable clients to utilize multiple media channels at reduced rates for maximum exposure.

Tech Transfer Central now has seven outlets that advertisers can leverage to support their marketing efforts. The company’s e-mail, website and e-newsletter advertising are now complemented by webinar management or sponsorship, white paper sponsorship, and a highly trafficked job listing page where universities and companies can advertise job openings. In addition, customized and bundled advertising and promotion options are available to meet a company’s needs and supply the design and production support needed to execute on a successful marketing campaign. View the media kit.

High-quality targeted content is an integral part of the marketing strategy for most companies. Tech Transfer Central has answered that need with two new programs – custom webinars and custom white papers. In addition to managing your webinar, we can tap into our vast industry expertise to help our advertisers develop program topics as well as line up the speakers and provide top-notch back-end support with our in-house webinar team. Tech Transfer Central also has the content and editorial expertise to develop white papers for companies on the topic of their choice. Co-branding can also be leveraged by webinar and white paper advertisers, which can result in higher performance campaigns to Tech Transfer Central’s loyal subscriber lists, which reach more than 150,000 top-level decision makers in the research commercialization community.

For more information on the advertising and sponsorship options offered by Tech Transfer Central, visit or download our media kit.


Sara Norris
Tech Transfer Central
Telephone: 877.729.0959 Ext. 105

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2Market Information launches new web portal


David Schwartz
CEO and Publisher
2Market Information Inc.

ATLANTA — 2Market Information Inc., publisher of Technology Transfer Tactics, has launched a new web portal – The new site is designed to be a one-stop destination supplying information, news, products, and services for technology transfer and intellectual property professionals.

In addition to Technology Transfer Tactics, the world’s most widely read and respected independent publication for tech transfer professionals, the company also publishes the free weekly online publication Tech Transfer eNews. In addition, its Distance Learning Division produces more than 30 interactive webinars each year and has compiled an archive of nearly 200 recorded programs, all available on demand.

The company also offers a variety of books and reports and has partnered with other information providers so that a broad array of resources for tech transfer, licensing, legal, and other professionals could be offered in one place. These resources include royalty rate and IP valuation references, patent law guidebooks, valuation and technology assessment software and tools, market research reports, TTO benchmarking resources, certification programs, directories, and databases among others.

Tech Transfer Central brings all these resources into one convenient location and indexes them by both product type and topic, so if users are looking for guidance in a specific subject — say royalty rates or IP valuation — they can easily find all relevant products in one location. Topic categories include:

The site also features weekly specials on selected products, a selection of free webinars and online resources, a searchable archive of Tech Transfer eNews articles, a tech transfer jobs page with positions available, and a free, continuously updated university-specific search engine of patents issued.

“We are thrilled and excited to release this new site to our subscribers worldwide and to the technology transfer and IP community at large,” said 2Market Information CEO and publisher David Schwartz. “This is a true destination site for tech transfer and IP professionals, designed to meet the need for quality professional development programs, publications, and tools in this important field. With the launch of, those seeking information and guidance on virtually any topic in technology transfer can easily find it.”

To visit the site, go to

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The Research Foundation for The State University of New York enters site license agreement with 2Market Information Inc., publisher of Technology Transfer Tactics

2Market Information Inc., publisher of Technology Transfer Tactics newsletter and producer of distance learning programs for technology transfer professionals, has announced a system-wide license agreement with The Research Foundation for The State University of New York (RF). The agreement enables the RF to provide commercialization staff across the entire State University of New York (SUNY) system access to Technology Transfer Tactics’ monthly issues, an archive of all previous issues of the publication, all current distance learning programs, more than 150 archived distance learning programs, and other valuable content.

Through its publications and webinars, Atlanta-based 2Market Information Inc. has become the leading independent information provider for tech transfer and research commercialization professionals worldwide. RF and SUNY join a number of other renowned institutions taking advantage of site license agreements to make Technology Transfer Tactics’ unique, practical information on improving the results of commercialization activity available to their key tech transfer and licensing staff. In addition, with 2Market Information’s extensive schedule and archive of distance learning programs, SUNY staff will have access to targeted training programs presented by experts on a wide variety of specific challenges and opportunities for university technology transfer offices.

Additional organizations with Technology Transfer Tactics site license agreements include Columbia University, Exploit Technologies (Singapore), Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, University of Texas system, PNNL/Battelle, Johns Hopkins University, MRC Technology (UK), and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, among others.

Dr. Tim Killeen, vice chancellor for research at SUNY and president of the RF, commented on the agreement: “We’re pleased to offer this valuable resource to commercialization staff across our campuses. Technology Transfer Tactics provides faculty and students with easy access to practical and tactical information that supports our goal to drive SUNY research and innovation to commercial marketplace for public benefit.”

Added David Schwartz, 2Market Information’s CEO and Publisher of Technology Transfer Tactics, himself a graduate of SUNY’s Binghamton University, “it’s especially gratifying for us as a company to have this level of faith placed in the high quality of the information we’re providing. When universities and organizations of excellence like the RF entrust us with providing training and professional education for their staffs through our publications and programs, we take that responsibility very seriously. For all our subscribers and customers, we strive to produce information with true practical value, which they can use to improve performance, processes, and commercialization results.”

For more information, please visit To discuss a site license for your organization, contact David Schwartz directly at, or 404-626-8191.

About The Research Foundation for The State University of New York
The RF was founded in 1951 to serve SUNY and to capitalize on its scope, scale and diversity as an engine of New York’s innovation economy. The largest, most comprehensive university-connected research foundation in the country, the RF supports nearly $1 billion in SUNY research activity annually, providing sponsored programs administration and innovation support services to SUNY faculty performing research in life sciences and medicine; engineering and nanotechnology; physical sciences and energy; social sciences, and computer and information sciences. To learn more about the RF visit and connect with the RF on Facebook.

About The State University of New York
The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States, educating approximately 468,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs, and nearly 2 million in workforce and professional development programs, on 64 campuses. There are nearly 3 million SUNY alumni worldwide. To learn more about how SUNY creates opportunity, visit

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Contact: David Schwartz
CEO and Publisher
2Market Information Inc.

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2Market Information’s distance learning programs receive CLP approval

2Market Information Inc., publisher of Tech Transfer E-News, has received approval of its entire Distance Learning catalog by Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc. for continuing education (CE) credits. These programs are comprised of more than 50 live and on-demand audioconferences and webinars (available on CD, DVD, MP3 and as PDF transcripts) encompassing a wide array of topics related to IP licensing and the technology transfer process. For a complete listing of our CLP-approved distance learning programs, CLICK HERE.

Company CEO David Schwartz states, “We are honored to be bestowed with the Certified Licensing Professionals CE approval. This distinction is a tribute to our distance learning products’ outstanding quality, cost-effectiveness and convenience. Historically, our programs have been well-attended by licensing professionals, and this new certification approval adds even more benefit to the programs — not only for certified licensing professionals, but to everyone guiding the transfer of IP from the lab to marketplace.” If you are a licensing professional but have not yet become certified, click here for details on how to pursue your CLP certification.

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U.K.’s AURIL (Association for University Research and Industry Links) Signs Agreement with U.S.’s Technology Transfer Tactics For Distribution of Continuing Professional Development Resources

AURIL (Association for University Research and Industry Links), Europe’s largest organization for knowledge transfer professionals (a field also known as “technology transfer”), has signed a multi-year Memorandum of Understanding with Technology Transfer Tactics (TTT), a Florida-based publisher of continuing professional development content on the commercialization of university research.

The agreement highlights AURIL’s recognition that TTT-produced materials (newsletters, audioconferences, books) “can have educational value to knowledge transfer professionals,” and provides a mechanism for AURIL members to obtain these resources at discounted prices.

“We feel this formal arrangement with TTT will provide a wider range of practical, easily-accessible knowledge transfer information for our members,” said Dr. Phillip Graham, AURIL’s executive director. “It will also provide them financial savings in today’s stressed economy,” he added.

David Schwartz, TTT’s CEO, echoed the MoU in saying, “Recognizing that AURIL is one of the world’s leading organizations for knowledge transfer professionals, we’re delighted to make these information products available to AURIL members at a significant cost savings.”

Both groups will cooperate in publicizing this new arrangement to AURIL members.

Originally established in the 1980s, AURIL has over 1600 members, located primarily in the UK and Ireland, and is acknowledged as the largestknowledge transfer association for practitioners in organizations engaged in knowledge transfer.

TTT is a privately held information publishing company, founded in 2007 by David Schwartz and Dr. Leslie Norins. Their combined experience in scientific publishing exceeds 50 years. Its educational product line includes two monthly newsletters by subscription, two free weekly e-zines, and numerous audioconferences, special reports and books.

Both TTT and AURIL share the common objective of stimulating the rapid, effective transfer of knowledge and technologies between universities and research institutes and the commercial marketplace — and thereby into use by society. This process is facilitated by specialized staff who convert research discoveries into practical applications, often involving the return of licensing royalties back to inventors and to universities for further re-investment.

For further information: and

Phil Graham, 44-028-9097-2589
Technology Transfer Tactics
David Schwartz, 404-626-8191

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