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Medical Devices

Not all IP can be handled in the same way, and that certainly is true when it comes to medical devices. Get critical royalty rate and IP management guidance on this special category of technology.

Release date: March 11 2021
All Access Pass – Free 72 Hour Trial This trial program gives you a complete arsenal of tech transfer benchmarks, best practices, and success strategies ... more »

Release date: January 1 2018
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Release date: November 9 2017
Best Practices for Supporting Clinician Entrepreneurs During this program, Joe Runge will reveal UNeMed’s methods and best practices for supporting its clinicians ... more »

Release date: September 19 2016
Royalty Rates for Medical Devices and Diagnostics This one-of-a-kind resource contains all the details on fixed royalty rates, per unit royalties, scaled royalty rates, and license fees. ... more »

Release date: April 12 2016
Getting to a License: Valuation and Strategic Marketing of Biotech, Therapeutics and other Life Science IP Assets Get a detailed blueprint for valuing life sciences assets that takes into account the needs and requirements of both industry partners and the university ... more »

Release date: May 12 2014
The Medical Innovation Playbook The Medical Innovation Playbook is the first-ever resource documenting commercialization activity and results at the country’s top academic medical centers ... more »

Release date: March 30 2012
In-Depth Analysis of Mayo v. Prometheus: What it Means for the Future of Medical Diagnostic Patents This program will help you make sense of the complex issues raised by the decision and to understand how to adjust your patent strategy accordingly. ... more »

Release date: January 20 2011
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector: From Idea to Funding to Launch Learn to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among clinical innovators and apply proven business principles to fast-track new ideas into the marketplace ... more »

Release date: November 15 2010
A Prescription for Profit: Find Hidden Gems of Innovation Among Your University-Affiliated Medical Staff Don't let another potential disclosure lose its way! Learn how to find and cultivate the valuable hidden gems of innovation among your medical staff. ... more »