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Technology Transfer Tactics with Open-Source Software and IP Docketing videos Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter provides in-depth guidance designed to hasten and streamline the commercialization process ... more »

Contracts and Agreements in Research Commercialization Learn to understand the various documents, agreements and contracts that involve the protection and commercialization of university IP ... more »

Staffing Your TTO: Managing turnover, “quiet quitting,” remote work and other HR challenges We’ve lined up a stellar team of presenters from MIT, UPenn, and U Michigan to discuss their staffing and HR challenges ... more »

StudentVenture: The Directory of Student Startup Competitions You (and your students) gain instant access to a comprehensive, searchable database of student competitions across the country ... more »

Improving Faculty Inventor Relations: Keeping the Peace and Resolving Conflict Learn how to tailor a customer service approach to technology transfer, how to work with all the various faculty personalities ... more »

Scaling University Start-Ups at Warp Speed: Launch a HyperAccelerator Program HyperAccelerators offer resources, mentor access, training, networking opportunities, and access to angel and VC investors in just one week ... more »

Licensing Open-Source Software: Mitigating Potential Pitfalls, Addressing Misperceptions, and Managing Impact on University IP This program will help you gain a solid understanding of this often misunderstood topic – and incorporate that knowledge into your IP protection plans ... more »

The Tech Transfer Operations Video Toolkit 20 programs addressing everything from budgeting, productivity, and data management to staffing, risk mitigation, auditing, MTA management, and more ... more »

The University-Industry Engagement Book of Best Practices How-to strategies and case studies covering the most crucial responsibilities of corporate relations and industry engagement professionals ... more »

Determining Royalty Rates for University IP: A Webinar Workshop for Tech Transfer and IP Professionals Get a clear, concise look at win-win licenses and royalty rates for your IP that close the deal while giving the university financial returns ... more »

Lessons from Industry Tech Scouts: How Universities Can Meet Industry’s Needs while Fostering Long-Term Partnerships Our expert presenters will detail their unique approaches to tech scouting both from a university and an industry perspective ... more »

NSF’s New TIP Directorate: Tap Into New Partnership and Commercialization Funding Opportunities This program will provide a solid understanding of the TIP Directorate and how to access the full potential of each program within the directorate ... more »