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Scale-up Strategies for University Start-ups This collection provides detailed, expert guidance on what it means and what it takes to scale successfully ... more »

Turn Old Patents into New Revenue: Assertion Strategies for University Tech Transfer Offices Learn how universities can generate licenses and royalties from their older or dormant patent assets ... more »

Leveraging Anti-Dilution Provisions to Protect University Equity in Startup Ventures This program explores utilizing anti-dilution provisions as a protective mechanism for preserving the university’s equity interests in start-up companies ... more »

Survey of STEM Faculty in Higher Education, Experience of the Technology Transfer Office This report provides detailed data on how 239 STEM faculty at 100+ colleges and universities rate their experiences with the technology transfer office ... more »

Survey of U.S. Higher Education Faculty 2024: Contributions of Content & Design to AI Applications This report examines how -- and how much -- faculty are contributing their content and services to AI applications ... more »

The New Framework for March-In Rights: Potential Impact on University Partnerships and IP Licensing This program will explore new march-in rights framework and the potential impact on university partnerships and IP licensing ... more »

Tech Transfer Office Outreach, Support, and Engagement of Faculty Innovators Educate your inventors about patents, trademarks, copyrights, know-how and trade secrets – and their role in ensuring IP protection ... more »

iEdison Utilization Reporting: Planning for and Managing the Latest Compliance Challenges Gain a solid plan for iEdison compliance, and clear strategies for overcoming the issues and challenges that are already becoming problematic ... more »

Intensive LinkedIn Workshop for TTOs: Strategies to Enhance your Presence and Extend your Reach Learn to to implement advanced LinkedIn strategies to boost your TTO’s brand, reach, and marketing results  ... more »

Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development Get detailed guidance on how to identify prime contacts, prioritize potential partners, and ensure a solid understanding of what industry’s needs are ... more »

RoyaltyStatistics A continuously updated database with over 17,000 royalty rate reports and key licensing terms from unredacted license agreements ... more »

IP Protection and Generative AI Technologies Get a detailed look at the current legal landscape for Generative AI tools, and peer into the future as new cases and regulations emerge ... more »