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Abilene Christian U partners with Infosec Institute to give cybersecurity students credit for industry certifications

Abilene Christian University (ACU) has entered into a collaboration with technology training company Infosec Institute that will help cybersecurity students bridge the gap between their academic and professional experiences. continue reading »

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Employing Metrics in Technology Transfer and University-Industry Engagement

In a perfect world, the metrics used to gauge the performance of tech transfer and industry engagement offices would clearly identify areas of strength and improvement while also pinpointing weak spots needing extra attention. The data would provide a meaningful assessment of both how you’re doing and how to get better, and also offer a fair report card on your team’s effectiveness in achieving a set of well-defined goals.

But that perfect world is often not the reality for many offices, whose metrics may seem less than meaningful and less than fair. Are strictly financial metrics an accurate reflection of your office’s broader contribution to the university? Is goal setting and achievement really within your control? Are data normalized so your results and judged against true peers? While disclosures, licenses, start-ups, partnerships, and research dollars will always factor in, what other metrics can give a fuller picture of activity and impact?

To help you assess and refine your performance measurement and metrics, we’ve produced Employing Metrics in Technology Transfer and University-Industry Engagement, a three-session collection of distance learning programs filled with expert guidance on how to improve the way your office’s activity and results are tracked, analyzed, and judged.

For complete program and faculty details or to order, click here.

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Delft University of Technology joins with Fujitsu to launch quantum computing hub

Delft University of Technology has partnered with Fujitsu to launch a hub for the development of quantum computing technologies. continue reading »

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UC Irvine’s RADiCal initiative forms R&D partnership with Karma Automotive

The climate-focused industry engagement arm of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) has entered into a strategic partnership with ultra-luxury car maker Karma Automotive. continue reading »

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With industry input, LSU-Alexandria creates program to fill cybersecurity talent gap

A detailed article on LSU-Alexandria’s industry-driven partnership to help fill the gap in cybersecurity talent appears in the January issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor. For subscription information, click here.

Looking to do its part in filling the huge hole in the U.S. cybersecurity workforce and supply an industry partner with needed talent, Louisiana State University of Alexandria has teamed up with a private company to not only offer an increasingly popular internship program, but it has created a cybersecurity curriculum with company input that dovetails with its Bachelor of General Studies with a Concentration in Cybersecurity.

In partnership with Ingalls Information Security, LSUA hosts 12-week internships for up to four students a year in which participants, working remotely yet embedded in an Ingalls Security Operations Center, interact directly with tier-one and even tier-two personnel and learn how to digest and process the massive amounts of data that must be crunched down in the process of evaluating, and ultimately defeating, a cyber threat. 

This internship, crafted by Ingalls, can work in tandem with LSUA’s Bachelor’s in General studies, which features a cybersecurity concentration that includes courses informed or recommended by Ingalls. In addition to the internship and the curriculum, LSUA has also brought in two adjunct professors, both of them from the private sector, to deliver the cybersecurity curriculum at the speed of industry.

Tanya Lueder, PhD, director of LSUA’s Technovation Center, coordinator of the Computer Science Program and assistant professor of computer science, says she relied on private sector expertise to make sure the internship and curriculum gave the students what they needed — the ability to earn important certifications, gain real-world experience, and make the connections that can get them their start in an industry with a high barrier to entry.

“There were quite a few long conversations with Ingalls,” she says. “When I went into this, I wanted to do it the right way. We, as a university, didn’t want to do this purely on our own. We want our students to be career ready. We want them to be job ready. And we wanted the university experience to be right.”

Jason Ingalls, founder of Ingalls Information Security, speaks to the importance of the cybersecurity package he and Lueder put together. “One of the biggest challenges for people trying to get into cybersecurity is that there’s a barrier to entry,” he says. “The reason why is that the goalposts keep moving as technology continues to advance. And a lot of the low-level jobs are being automated out. In college, you’re learning theory, you’re not learning operations. People are trying to enter the workforce and the employers say, ‘Tell me about some of the tools that you’ve worked with. Tell me what kind of workflows you’ve done, what kind of playbooks you’ve worked.’ And the applicant says, ‘What is the playbook? I don’t know what tools you’re talking about.’ They don’t know.” To make matters worse, he adds, “those tools are constantly evolving and a lot of the functions that happened two years ago don’t even happen today because it’s been automated out.”

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Arizona State U becomes first university to collaborate with OpenAI

Arizona State University (ASU) will become the first higher education institute to collaborate with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. continue reading »

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iEdison Utilization Reporting: Planning for and Managing the Latest Compliance Challenges

Are you struggling with the new utilization requirements in iEdison? Reports became past due as of January 1, 2024, and if you’ve been sweating the details or are finding the compliance process challenging and burdensome, you’re not alone – and these requirements are not going away.

The new data sets required in your invention reporting includes names of licensees, names of manufacturers, country of manufacture, numbers of units sold, gross annual revenue — and very few entities are tracking that level of information. The majority of TTOs and research administrators may find it even more difficult to comply due to current staffing shortages and tight budgets, coupled with the challenge of finding the right personnel with the know-how to manage the new reporting requirements.

To provide the help you need, we’ve enlisted research compliance and reporting experts Deborah Arnold from the University of Utah and Jodie Richardson from MIT to lead this detailed compliance workshop: iEdison Utilization Reporting: Planning for and Managing the Latest Compliance Challenges.

Join our panel as they review the latest requirements, reporting challenges, and system bugs being reported by frustrated users. You’ll gain a solid plan for compliance, and clear strategies for overcoming the issues and challenges that are already becoming problematic. For complete program details or to register, click here.

Also coming soon:

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U of Wyoming launches new office for industry partnerships

The University of Wyoming (UW) has launched a new office to foster industry collaborations aimed at boosting innovation and economic development throughout the state and beyond. continue reading »

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Ohio State U partners with GTI Energy and Holcim US to develop carbon capture technology

Ohio State University (OSU) has partnered with GTI Energy and Holcim US to design, build and test an innovative technology for carbon capture. continue reading »

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Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development

Partnerships have become increasingly critical to universities and the corporate partners they work with in spurring innovation, building talent pipelines, expanding student opportunities, leveraging expertise, and enhancing economic development efforts. To build partnerships, however, you first need to find those partners whose needs match your university’s strengths and begin the often arduous engagement process – a task that requires much more than a simple Google search.

Whether they be for talent development, sponsored research, philanthropy, or involve a holistic menu of engagement activities, your limited time and resources spent marketing to new potential partners while nurturing the relationships you already have must be laser-focused on where you can realize the greatest return on those efforts.

That’s why we’ve curated this three-program distance learning collection: Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development. This strategy-filled collection provides detailed guidance on how to identify prime contacts, assign a value to and prioritize potential partners, and ensure you start with a solid understanding of what industry’s needs are. 

For complete details, click here.

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FIU collaborates with industry, government partners in forensic science program

Florida International University (FIU) is continuing its participation in a program that brings together top academic forensic science researchers to develop solutions to industry and government agency needs. continue reading »

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Allosteric Bioscience partners with Johns Hopkins on aging-related drug development

Allosteric Bioscience (ABI), a biotech company using AI to discover and develop drugs for aging-related conditions, is collaborating with Johns Hopkins University researcher Susan Michaelis for analysis of chemical leads for modulation of key protein targets for optimizing aging and longevity. continue reading »

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