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Harvard partners with Ono Pharma to accelerate development of novel therapeutics

Harvard University and Ono Pharmaceutical (ONO) have partnered to accelerate the development of new drugs across a wide range of therapeutic areas. continue reading »

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Effective Models of University-Industry Engagement: Case Studies in Success

Industry’s reliance on university collaborations for R&D is no longer just a trend — it has become more like a seismic shift. Innovation-starved corporations are eagerly seeking out university partners, but only those universities that have embraced this shift and prepared their campuses for a new level of integrated industry engagement will reap the benefits.

As part of its mission to support holistic industry engagement and assist universities in attracting more corporate partners, University-Industry Engagement Advisor has produced a distance learning collection featuring four leading universities that have used innovative strategies and proven programs to achieve robust relationships with corporate partners. Kansas State University, Brown University, the University of Georgia, and the University at Buffalo are prime examples of how to foster welcoming and comprehensive industry engagement initiatives that result in research funding, job creation, philanthropic funding, talent pipeline development, and economic development.

Effective Models of University-Industry Engagement: Case Studies in Success features the details behind each of these programs in four in-depth presentations. The collection comes complete with the original program materials and includes on-demand video as well as transcripts — so you can listen and share them with your entire staff at your convenience.

For complete details on this valuable collection, click here.

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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and U of Ottawa expand R&D partnership to support STEM students

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and the University of Ottawa have expanded on a partnership aimed at accelerating research and development in the fields of health, safety, energy and the environment. continue reading »

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Alberta to contribute $55M to fund new hub at U Calgary for innovation partnerships between academia and industry

The Government of Alberta has committed $55 million (CAD) in its 2024 budget to fund a new innovation hub where university researchers can collaborate with industry partners to develop and commercialize novel technologies. continue reading »

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Microsoft and the University of Sydney agree to collaborate on AI capability

The University of Sydney has inked an agreement with Microsoft Australia and New Zealand to join forced on researching and developing AI capabilities, as well as incorporating AI into teaching and learning programs. continue reading »

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Building a Strong, Diverse Talent Pipeline: A Key to Forging Long-Lasting Corporate Partnerships

Industry needs your university’s help in building a future-ready workforce, and your ability to satisfy their talent needs can bring with it a steady stream of valuable partnerships and expansion of existing collaborations. But you’ve got to know how to grab the opportunities and effectively tailor your talent development programs.

To help you attract more corporate partners by developing and expanding your industry-focused talent pipeline programs, we convened three industry engagement leaders from MIT, Johns Hopkins, and UW-Madison to share their best practices and key strategies behind successful talent development programs. This highly rated program is available on streaming video, complete with a transcript and all original PowerPoints.

Learn from our esteemed panel of presenters — John Garnetti from UW-Madison, Todd Glickman from MIT, and Amy Braun, PhD, with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine — in this strategy-packed distance learning program: Building a Strong, Diverse Talent Pipeline: A Key to Forging Long-Lasting Corporate Partnerships. For complete program details or to order, click here.

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Western U researchers collaborate with Trillium to develop novel cancer treatment

Researchers at Western University in Ontario have partnered with immuno-oncology company Trillium Therapeutics to develop a novel treatment for a range of tumors. continue reading »

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Position available: Executive Director of the NSF Engine: Louisiana Energy Transition Engine, Louisiana State University

LSU is seeking an innovative and experienced Director to lead the newly created Future Use of Energy in Louisiana (FUEL) Partnership, which will play a vital role in Louisiana’s energy future through the advancement of research, workforce, and technology commercialization across the state. The FUEL program is one of 10 NSF Regional Innovation Engines, with funding of up to $160M over the next ten years. This position will oversee the entire portfolio of projects as well as a team of at least five direct reports.

For position details and to apply, click here. To view all jobs available on the Tech Transfer Central jobs page, click here.

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Flexibility, distinctive branding mark UW-Madison’s new IP options program

A detailed article on the U-W Madison Badger IP Industry Advantage program, offering several options for standard, pre-set IP terms for industry-sponsored research, appears in the March issue of University-Industry Engagement Advisor. For subscription information, click here.

Standard IP agreement options are certainly nothing new for major research universities, but the University of Wisconsin-Madison asserts that its recently launched Badger IP Industry Advantage differs from many others in more than one way. First, say its leaders, they intentionally went as far as they reasonably could in their offerings to eliminate the need for negotiations as much as possible.

“We thought through the upper limits of what we would do,” says Robert Gratzl, JD, UW-Madison’s assistant director of contracts, research, and sponsored programs. “What won’t we do? We’ve given the best options available.”

“We have heard feedback from industry partners and potential partners, as well as internally from our researchers, that it would benefit all parties to have a clear, upfront approach to interactions and to provide consistency in offered and accepted IP terms,” adds UW-Madison interim vice chancellor for research Cindy Czajkowski, PhD. “We have historically engaged in negotiation for IP terms, and we will continue to do that, but ideally, we want to save time and expenses by offering the best possible IP terms upfront. We want to be clear, transparent, and able to provide a timely response to industry sponsors.

“We’re not saying we won’t negotiate IP terms, because there may be instances where a company wants something other than the terms offered through the Badger IP Industry Advantage,” she continues. “But in most cases, we’re offering the best possible option upfront.”

Then there are the names of the options themselves. Many such university programs simply offer “Option I,” “Option II,” and “Option III,” but UW-Madison has chosen to call theirs “The Classic,” The Varsity,” and “The Bascom” — all related to specific aspects of university history and tradition. “We wanted them to be fun and interesting,” explains Natasha Kassulke, director of strategic communications. “We have great pride in our history of 175 years, the success we’ve had in therapeutics, and we’re highly motivated to talk about that whenever we can.”

“We worked on the IP model for over a year,” adds Gratzl “We did a lot of work behind the scenes. What do other universities do? What have we done historically? If we’ve done the same as other universities, why not memorialize this? We’ve gone through [many] iterations.”

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The Survey of STEM Faculty in Higher Education, Experience of Sponsored Research has just been published, providing a rich set of data to benchmark your sponsored research office performance, involvement in industry sponsorship, and faculty view of the office’s work.

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Charles Drew U partners with Sutter Health to create more equitable health care landscape in California

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU), one of only four Historically Black Medical Schools in the U.S., has partnered with Sutter Health, one of the largest integrated health care systems in the nation, to expand access to a more inclusive and equitable care experience in California. continue reading »

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IP License Agreement Primer: Understanding Key Provisions without the Legalese

The License Agreement is the culmination of years of hard work by researchers and tech transfer staff who have guided the innovation through the disclosure process, legal protection, and marketing. For TTOs, research managers, and industry engagement professionals, these agreements provide a roadmap to license compliance, revenue recognition and tracking, IP protection, and how your valuable innovations are commercialized.

It’s essential for tech transfer and industry engagement staff at all levels to understand each section of the contract so they can carefully review and negotiate each component — and ensure that the university’s rights and obligations are clearly defined and adequately protected. 

We’ve teamed up with licensing gurus Jonathan Gortat and Evan Elder of Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing to bring you this 90-minute, comprehensive webinar: IP License Agreement Primer: Understanding Key Provisions without the Legalese. In this “A to Z” webinar, participants will obtain a clear understanding of key provisions of a license agreement in everyday language as opposed to legalese. Important issues to consider and look out for will be discussed, and the webinar will be aimed to educate and guide those newer to licensing or not in traditional licensing roles within the university. Use this expert-led primer to train your newer and less experienced staff, and keep the recorded program in your training library for future use whenever it’s needed.

For complete details or to register, click here.

Also coming soon:

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute links up with Draper to expand learning opportunities for graduate students

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has formed a partnership with Draper, an independent engineering innovation nonprofit, to provide new experiential learning opportunities for graduate students. continue reading »

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