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TechAdvance Technology Assessment Tool

Published by Münster University of Applied Sciences
Format: Print, Online Access

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Formats and Pricing:

TechAdvance Technology Assessment Handbook (print): $249 plus $20 shipping

TechAdvance Technology Assessment Online Tool: $399

TechAdvance Technology Assessment Handbook and Online Tool Combo: $549 plus $20 shipping
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The TechAdvance tool is an objective and scientifically proven model for assessing your portfolio of technologies and identifying those with the greatest potential for successful commercialization. Using its unique scoring methodology for early-stage technology assessment, TechAdvance will help you to:

  • Increase your commercialization success rate
  • Objectively assess and triage your technologies
  • Invest your patent, R&D, and marketing budgets more productively
  • Avoid the high costs of non-performing technology assets
  • Take the guesswork and subjectivity out of investment decisions
  • Justify your decisions to faculty and preserve faculty relationships
  • Keep politics out of your decision-making
  • Back a high percentage of winning technologies

Developed by tech transfer professionals for tech transfer professionals, the TechAdvance tool has been carefully tested over years of development and is designed to provide you with a consistent, organized, and objective system for investing your limited resources in the research and technologies with greatest chance for commercial success.

Take the guesswork out of technology assessment and triage

The unique TechAdvance point system, based on 43 researched and validated criteria, provides an easy-to-use system for ranking your technologies and taking the guesswork out of your triage and assessment decisions. With the scientific scoring system created by its tech transfer professional developers – and tested in the field by TTOs – TechAdvance also gives you concrete, objective data to back up your decisions and help remove political and personal issues from patent and the decision-making process.

Available as both a print workbook and online module, this inexpensive tool is designed to assist TTOs, technology managers, commercialization officers, business development managers, investors, and anyone involved in the assessment, triage, and commercialization of research and technology.

Here’s how TechAdvance™ Works:

  • Assessment TechAdvance assesses technologies using a simple three-part model: Market Attractiveness, Technology Potential, and People. Based on user input, each project is judged against 43 researched and validated criteria weighted by importance to arrive at a total score.
  • Portfolio management & prioritization — Following the initial assessment, a structure is supplied for the prioritization of resources allocated to projects according to their score, allowing users to commit time and dollars according to these objective results.
  • Identification of unforeseen project issues (Risk Management) – The assessment criteria provides a valuable checklist of considerations to identify and prevent unforeseen issues exposing risk in the commercialization process.
  • Developing the ‘ideal’ commercialization project – The method is built into a stage-gate process to make the assessment more practical and usable within your organization. The method ‘red-flags’ potential project issues and areas for improvement in order to improve the likelihood of successful commercialization.

The TechAdvance™ Technology Assessment Handbook …

  • is affordable and easy to use
  • objectively ranks the commercialization potential of your technologies
  • helps you make tough patent and resource-allocation decisions
  • provides an assessment method backed and validated by scientific research
  • is flexible to the needs of the host organization as the model allows customization
  • is now available in Spanish and the online version available in German

Outcomes you can trust

TechAdvance was developed by technology transfer professionals from the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre at Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Available in print or online, at a price you can afford

TechAdvance is available in two convenient formats at a price that makes it easy to justify, especially considering its benefits in terms of improved commericialization outcomes, higher productivity, more effective resource allocation, and reduced expense associated with low-potential technologies.

  • TechAdvance Technology Assessment Handbook – Print Edition
    The TechAdvance Handbook can be purchased for just $249. PRINT EDITION is now available in Spanish.
  • TechAdvance Online (Runs on Internet Explorer 7 or later and all other current browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).
    A one-year license to use the online version of TechAdvance is only $399. To share the online version with colleagues and staff, you can also add extra accounts within the same organization for just $99 per additional user. ONLINE VERSION is now available in Spanish and German.
  • TechAdvance COMBO Package (one-year online license PLUS print edition – YOU SAVE $99! Purchase both the online version of TechAdvance and the TechAdvance Handbook print edition for the discounted combo price of $549 — you save $99! COMBO Package is now available in Spanish.

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