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Earn Your CPVA with 4 Self-Study Webinars

Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Program

Join the ranks of elite patent professionals -- Become a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst!
Published by Business Development Academy
Format: Online Courses

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Price: $2,985
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Gain the skill-set you need to value patents and emerging technologies — become a CPVA with just 4 convenient self-study programs

Becoming a CPVA has never been more convenient and accessible with the four course, self-study programs provided exclusively through the Business Development Academy. You can become a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst when you complete the following programs (just 18.5 hours of instruction):

  1. Valuation of Emerging Technologies – 8 Hours (click here to order individual session)
    • An in depth review of more than 20 valuation methodologies
    • Introduction to the Patent Valuation Gauntlet and worksheet containing 900+ issues to consider when calculating the value of a patent.
    • Excel spreadsheets with the more than 40 valuation methodologies.
  1. Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns – 3.5 Hours (click here to order individual session)
    • This session is designed to help you maximize the value from your licensing agreements. Learn when to use — and how to negotiate and structure — the following licensing terms:
      • Royalty rates, Upfront payments and milestones, Granting options to take a license, Sponsored research, Royalty stacking, Sublicensing issues, Fields of use, Most favored licensee, Managing litigation, Royalty audits, and more.
  1. Advanced Patent Valuation – 3.5 Hours (click here to order individual session)
    • Tremendous value can be gained (or squandered) through the drafting of patents. This course explains best practices for:
      • Balancing broad versus narrow claims
      • Getting the mix of independent and dependent claims right
      • Managing interactions with patent examiners
      • Selecting and defining the most appropriate terms
      • Managing the pace of patent prosecution
  1. Calculating Damages Resulting from Patent Infringement – 3.5 Hours (click here to order individual session)
    • In addition to discussing a host of creative damages theories, this course will review basic tenets of patent infringement such as:
      • Reasonable royalties, Lost profits, Price erosion, Market size, Reputational damage, Market spoilage, The Georgia-Pacific factors, The 25% rule, Cost of next best alternative, and Running royalties vs. lump-sum payments.

With a CPVA designation you can advance your career as an intellectual property manager, licensing manager, technology transfer professional, inventor, patent lawyer, financial analyst and business development executive. The Business Development Academy’s world-renowned training approaches patent valuation from analytical, legal, financial and practical perspectives –arming you with the knowledge and critical thinking abilities to negotiate and structure more accretive licensing arrangements.

You will learn these patent valuation methodologies and metrics from the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst training program:

  • Real Options Analysis
  • Probability Weighted Expected Return Analysis
  • Markov Chains
  • Binomial Lattices
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Provenance Analysis
  • Encumbrance Analysis
  • Scientific Strength Analysis
  • Chain of Title Analysis
  • Probabalistic Methodologies
  • Price Erosion Analysis
  • Analytical Method of Damages Calculations
  • Technology Readiness Levels
  • Black-Scholes Analysis
  • Georgia Pacific Factors
  • Technical Assessment Analysis

Start Your CPVA Program Today!

There are four required courses needed to qualify for the CPVA designation. These courses are offered exclusively through The Business Development Academy. The archived Webinar courses are available for you to begin immediately at any time on demand

All CPVA Candidates Will Receive:

  • Course book including hundreds of PowerPoint slides and detailed valuation articles
  • Excel workbook with dozens of plug-and-play Patent Valuation Methodologies.
  • Access to the Patent Valuation Gauntlet which contains over 900 issues to consider when valuing patents.

The CPVA self-study option is available to you at any time. You can take the 4 courses at your own convenience and pace. When you enroll for all FOUR courses of the self-study upfront – you pay only $2,985.

Certification Exam

The Certified Patent Valuation Analyst designation is the world-renowned mark of distinction for patent analysts. By completing the course work as well as this certification exam, you can proudly display your CPVA credential. It’s sure to be a career-booster!

Business Model ValidationSpecial Offer  

All registrants for the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst program will receive a complimentary copy of David Wanetick’s recently released book Business Model Validation. Over twenty years of high-level analytical experience—including hundreds of CEO interviews—are unleashed on the pages of Business Model Validation. Hundreds of valuable insights regarding a diverse group of industries were selected to enable readers to maximize their returns-on-investment.

David Wanetick reveals his groundbreaking analysis into emerging business models such as those of on-demand taxis, home sharing, Bitcoin, music streaming, drones, crowdfunding, marijuana dispensaries, electronic cigarettes, flash sales operators, freemium businesses, electric vehicles, massive open online course operators (MOOCs), cloud storage and 3-D printers.

About the Business Development Academy

The Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) is a unique designation offered by The Business Development Academy (BDA), an internationally acclaimed establishment of higher education. The BDA is recognized as a leader in providing practical courses for senior executives with responsibilities in the fields of Business Development; Corporate Development; Corporate Strategy; Intellectual Asset Management; Corporate Transactions; Finance, and Legal.

See what our customers say about the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Program:

Thank you so very much for teaching a truly excellent course – I am greatly looking forward to incorporating what I learned into my practice!

Susan Hudachek
CR Miles, IP Patent and Trademark Law


I have attended 3 courses through the Business Development Academy.  The courses have been engaging and relevant to daily challenges.  The course materials are instructive and supplement the in-course experience.  I will watch the BDA curriculum for updates and plan to attend more courses.

Murray Vince
Intellectual Ventures Invention Network


The course was informative and I will highly recommend it to my colleagues.   

Brian J. Lally
Intellectual Property Law Division, U.S. Department of Energy


Thank you very much for an enlightening course.  I learned a lot of valuable information and feel that I am now well informed.

Alexia Priest, Business Development & Licensing –
Strategic Transactions, Boehringer Ingelheim


I very much enjoyed the CPVA training. It was extremely informative.

Michael Bernadicou
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP


The course was great – extremely informative and well presented. It had a good balance between academic methodology and practical experience and know how.

Dr. Yuval Carmon, Ph.D Physics
Vice president R&D and CTO, Shamir Optical Industry Ltd.


The course was of tremendous value and well taught.  Thank you for the two days of learning.  I look forward to the sample Patent Valuation Reports.  They will prove very useful as a template for our own valuation reports on our portfolio. 

Tony Castiglione, Executive Director
Intellectual Property, General Counsel, USAA


Your materials are a fabulous resource for self-study.

Heather L. Flanagan JD PhD
Fish & Richardson P.C.



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