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Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns

Published by Business Development Academy
Format: Online Course
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Whether you complete the entire Certified Valuation Professional Analyst program or opt for any of the individual training programs, you’ll receive the highest level training supplemented by extensive background materials, references, and spreadsheet templates. These training sessions are led by world experts in valuation, licensing, and negotiation from the Business Development Academy. These are not overviews or basic 101 courses; rather, they are detailed, advanced level programs that will not only enhance your skills and know-how, but also advance your career. 

About the Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns Course:

You do not get the licensing agreement you deserve. You get the licensing agreement you negotiate.

Licensing intellectual property is extremely complex as there are potentially thousands of permutations to licensing agreements. Thus, tens of millions of dollars can be earned or lost at the negotiating table. Senior executives involved with licensing technology must have a firm grasp of cutting-edge negotiating strategies as well as the nuances of negotiating tactics.

This seminar consists of a unique blend of general licensing issues that arise during licensing IP as well as strategies designed specifically for negotiating with Technology Transfer Offices and Patent Assertion Companies. This course is replete with case studies and best practices that will provide you with practical insight for boosting returns on your licensing initiatives.

Specific licensing issues to be addressed include:

  • Royalty rates – minimums, phase-ins, ascending, descending
  • Upfronts and milestones
  • Granting options to take a license
  • Sponsored research
  • Royalty stacking
  • Improvement rights
  • Sublicensing issues (e.g. vetoes, audits)
  • Fields of use
  • Most favored nation licensing
  • Have-made rights
  • Managing litigation
  • Royalty audits
  • Indemnifications
  • Maximizing duration of license
  • Terminating license

Strategic negotiating issues to be covered include:

  • De-risking investment for licensee
  • Negotiating scorecard
  • Negotiating timeline
  • Technical validation
  • Role of outside lawyer
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Freedom of operations opinion letter
  • Memoranda of understanding

About the Business Development Academy

The Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns course is one of four courses in the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) program, a unique designation offered by The Business Development Academy (BDA), an internationally acclaimed establishment of higher education. The BDA is recognized as a leader in providing practical courses for senior executives with responsibilities in the fields of Business Development; Corporate Development; Corporate Strategy; Intellectual Asset Management; Corporate Transactions; Finance, and Legal.

Course Length:

Approx. 3.5 hours

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