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Biopharmaceutical Royalty Rate Analysis: Essential Benchmarks for Dealmaking

Published by BioWorld
Format: PDF
636 pages

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Executives involved in any aspect of dealmaking know it’s hard to find real-world data on deal terms such as royalty rates, milestones and up-fronts. A new tool from BioWorld solves this problem. Biopharmaceutical Royalty Rates Analysis: Essential Benchmarks for Dealmaking analyzes hundreds of licensing deals to provide a tangible starting point for smart dealmaking.

In addition to sector-wide analyses, which provide an array of average and median royalty rates and up-front licensing fees, the report takes a deeper dive into these hot disease areas: Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, hepatitis and pain management. Backing up the analyses are profiles of more than 320 deals including not only the royalty rates, but all deal terms and key background information on the drug or drug technology in focus – invaluable details to be used as benchmarks and comparators when crafting new licensing deals.

IP Asset Payout Information is Critical:

  • The tough economy has forced drug makers to sharpen dealmaking skills. Without the opportunity for investors to cash out in normal cycles, deals are more important than ever.
  • There’s a trend now to do bigger deals earlier in the game. Preclinical pacts aren’t uncommon.
  • An increase in dealmaking also results in an increase in deal terminations when big pharmas restructure pipelines or when trials don’t produce expected results. Ironclad contracts protect both parties.
  • The dealmaking trend is likely to continue because big pharma has reached the dreaded patent cliffs.
  • Life science attorneys need these data points, too, as part of patent valuation and to establish infringement litigation damages.

Don’t get caught at the negotiating table without critical deal terms to justify proposals.

Available in a digital format with interactive point & click features – $2,199.00

About the Publisher

Tech Transfer Central is proud to partner with BioWorld (publishers of BioWorld Today) in bringing this important guide to our customers. BioWorld Today has been the recognized leader in biotech news for more than 20 years, and is part of Thompson Media Group.

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