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Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice

Published by Bloomberg BNA
By Alan J. Kasper, Brad D. Pedersen, Ann M. Mueting, PhD, JD, Gregory D. Allen, Brian R. Stanton, PhD
Publication Date: 2016
1,914 pages

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ATTENTION PATENT PROFESSIONALS: Get tactical and strategic coverage of the most comprehensive revision to the U.S. patent law since 1952 — the America Invents Act (AIA)

Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and PracticeThe all-new Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice is your one-stop, comprehensive guide to informed patent decision making. Take a look at the following unique coverage included in this one-stop resource:

  • 200 “Practice Tips” highlighting key points and guideposts
  • 100 original graphical timeline scenarios
  • In-depth analysis and policy discussions
  • More than 400 terms and phrases with concise definitions and descriptions
  • Thousands of footnotes providing support and quick references

Practice before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board with confidence

The AIA has fundamentally altered patent law by transitioning from a “First-to-Invent” to a “First-Inventor-to-File” patent system. Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice will provide you with insights and advice for patent application preparation and filing, post-issuance review, and challenges to patentability and ongoing international patent law harmonization.

Each chapter includes descriptive titles and headings — allowing readers to quickly access specific topics or issues of immediate need or interest. Extensive cross-references are also provided to related sections providing additional, in-depth, comprehensive discussions.

Vital topics and strategic coverage in Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice include:

  • More than 200 “Practice Tips to highlight key points and serve as warnings and guideposts to the patent professional.
  • More than 100 original graphical timeline scenarios provide a myriad of different fact patterns analyzed under the AIA and compared to pre-AIA outcomes.
  • In-depth analysis and policy discussions explain complex changes to the law.
  • A glossary of more than 400 terms and phrases with concise definitions and descriptions, intended to enhance the precision and consistency of patent law discussions regarding the intent, implementation, and impact of the AIA, addresses the existing lack of clear terms and phrases that capture the fundamental changes to U.S. patent law encompassed by the AIA.
  • Thousands of footnotes provide support for the treatise and serve as easy references for the reader to find the source materials that are discussed.

About the Publisher and Authors

Technology Transfer Tactics is proud to partner with Bloomberg BNA Books to bring our customers access to this comprehensive and authoritative resource. The authors of Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice have extensive experience with the legislation and regulations for the AIA, having served in various capacities both within AIPLA and on other bar committees that were responsible for analysis and comment on the AIA and subsequent regulations. The contributing authors include:

  • Alan J. Kasper,a senior partner in the international intellectual property (IP) law firm Sughrue Mion, PLLC.
  • Brad D. Pedersen, a partner and the chair of the patent practice group at Patterson Thuente Pedersen, P.A.
  • Ann M. Mueting,PhD, JD, a founding shareholder of the firm Mueting, Raasch & Gebhardt.
  • Gregory D. Allen,Assistant Chief Intellectual Property Attorney at 3M Innovative Properties Company, a subsidiary of 3M Company. 
  • Brian R. Stanton, PhD,a principal at Stanton Consulting Services where he focuses on IP, trade, and associated technology innovation policy matters.
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