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The Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation

Published by Business Valuation Resources, LLC
By Michael Pellegrino
Format: PDF, Print
367 pages
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The 367-page Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, 2nd Edition is the definitive resource to help you draw credible and defensible conclusions regarding IP valuation. Leading IP valuation expert Mike Pellegrino, founder of Pellegrino & Associates, delivers real-world case studies of IP valuation analyses from start to finish in each of the primary IP categories. This practical, hands-on guide presents an objective framework for conducting due diligence of IP rights, performing sound legal analysis, and correlating the impact of IP rights on value.

In the Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, 2nd Edition you’ll also find advanced tools that will help you navigate common landmines and arrive at supportable, optimum valuations for your innovations. This is not your typical IP valuation text. It goes far beyond the basics of IP valuation, theoretical models, or accounting gimmickry. And you won’t find rehashed topics already covered thoroughly in other resources. This guide provides you with a deeper, more practical analysis that the critical task of IP valuation demands!

Take a look at the new features included in this comprehensive resource:

  • New and updated chapters, including new chapters on managing an IP valuation engagement and an auditor’s review guide
  • Practical guidance on valuing IP, including report requirements, royalty rate analysis, demand analysis, and guidance on presenting the most reliable statistics
  • Thorough discussion of valuation approaches and due diligence
  • Analysis of patent-specific, copyright-specific, and trademark-specific issues and considerations

About the Author
Mike Pellegrino is the author of the Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation. His firm, Pellegrino & Associates, offers a range of valuation services that merge complex intellectual property, finance, and technology issues into quantifiable, defensible value opinions. He specializes in early-stage IP and software valuations. He has provided valuation guidance internationally for clients ranging from FORTUNE 500 companies to municipal governments, on projects as diverse as consumer products and military communication systems.

About the Publisher
Technology Transfer Tactics is proud to partner with Business Valuation Resources (BVR) in bringing this important guide to our customers. Every top business valuation firm depends on BVR for authoritative market data, continuing professional education, and expert opinion.

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