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A New Approach to IP Management: The Penn State University Research Model

Format: CD/Print Training Pack
Originally presented: March 21, 2012

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TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER TACTICS is pleased to offer an educational program in partnership with Business Valuation Resources, Inc.

Penn State has made two significant changes to the manner in which it deals with IP and industry sponsored research. First, for new research that is industry-sponsored, the university will cede ownership of the IP to the sponsor. Second, in those cases where the university must retain ownership of the IP (when the research involves federal funding, for example), the university will offer the new “Penn State Two Step” licensing option in which the industry sponsor may take a licensing option on the IP at a fixed price, thereby reducing risk and uncertainty.

In this exclusive webinar, Dr. Hank Foley, Vice President for Research at Penn State, will  discuss these changes, the University’s assessment of their benefit, and how this break with more than two decades of past practice will help get more research off the shelf and into the marketplace, while also building more and stronger industry relationships.

Here’s a brief look at what Dr. Foley will cover:

  • Background on issues relating to licensing, funding, and IP management
  • The “Penn State Two-Step” process and approach for licensing
  • How IP policies can undermine the university’s research mission
  • Assessing the equation: The value of IP rights versus the value of increased industry funding
  • Gaining support: Selling administration and faculty on a new approach to IP
  • The predicted benefits of a more open IP position
  • And much more!

Faculty Biography

Dr. Henry C. “Hank” Foley was appointed Vice President for Research and Dean of The Graduate School at Penn State on January 1, 2010. Prior to this he was the dean of the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at Penn State University from November 20, 2006 to December 31, 2009. In his current role Foley is responsible for overseeing a research enterprise with over $765 million dollars in expenditures and over 9,000 graduate students in more than 150 graduate degree programs, including 121 doctorate, 110 academic master’s and 73 professional master’s degree programs. Foley’s extensive industry experience includes working for American Cyanamid Company and consulting with Air Products, Monsanto, DuPont, Englehard Corporation, and many other companies.

The program training pack, includes the conference recording, transcript, and handouts!

The training pack allows you to hear every word from the original webinar — as many times as you’d like, whenever and wherever you’d like. The training packs includes:

  • Recordings and transcripts of the presentation
  • All presentation visual aides and handouts
  • All ancillary reading materials suggested by our presenters

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