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Using A Network Approach to Valuing Patents and Inventions

Format: CD/Print Training Pack
Originally presented: April 18, 2012

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TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER TACTICS is pleased to offer an educational program in partnership with Business Valuation Resources, Inc.

Existing valuation models tend to focus on the economic value of individual patents by using the net present value of the patent, market value, historic cost, etc. While such models are undoubtedly useful, an alternative approach is to rank patents based on where they sit in relation to a network of similar patents. Network-based analysis allows the review of up to several hundred thousand patents, and draws upon the “collective intelligence” of this network to identify high-value technology areas and the most likely valuable patents within these areas.

In this exclusive program, Mike Lloyd, an IP management consultant at Griffith Hack in Melbourne, Australia, and Doris Spielthenner, co-founder and managing director of Ambercite, a patent analysis company also in Melbourne, join BVR to talk about this innovative approach to patent valuation, how the process works, and why it can be just what inventors need to most accurately predict the value of their patents.


  • Why analyze patents? The business case for patent analysis
  • Why NPA? An introduction to Network Patent Analysis (NPA)
  • How does NPA analysis differs from other patent analysis techniques
  • Does NPA work?
  • NPA in practice

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what NPA is and how it works
  • Learn the strengths and benefits to using a network approach to patent analysis
  • Understand how to implement and assess NPA

The program training pack, includes the conference recording, transcript, and handouts!

The training pack allows you to hear every word from the original webinar — as many times as you’d like, whenever and wherever you’d like. The training packs includes:

  • Recordings and transcripts of the presentation
  • All presentation visual aides and handouts
  • All ancillary reading materials suggested by our presenters

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