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Competitive Advantage Valuation Software

A cost-effective and neutral alternative to valuation consultations
Published by CAVTEC
Format: Software

Requirements: Windows operating system

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Price: $350 per license
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Step 2: Calculate the percentage and dollar amount of profits attributable to Technical Intellectual Property (TIP) assets.

Step 3: Calculate specific competitive advantage relative to average substitute technology, based on price & performance criteria, within the context of market needs & customer priorities.

Step 4: Calculate predicated market share and profits based on competitive advantage relative to average substitutive technology.

Step 5: Adjust for technical, market and intellectual property risk, based on stage of technical development, vulnerability to competition and potential for competitors to engineer around patent.

Step 6: Based on inventor/assignor/licensor pre-transfer investment, and assignee/licensee pre-transfer investment, calculate an equal return payment – a dollar payment which provides the inventor/assignor/licensor and assignee/licensee an equal rate of return on their respective, risk-adjusted investments in the technology.

Step 7: Determine the upfront payment versus running royalty rate, as basis for discussions and negotiations.

Step 8: Compare CAV valuation results with standard 25 Percent Rule, and 25 Percent Rule modified for technical intellectual property disaggregation, and technical, market and intellectual property risk adjustment.

Step 9: Review, save and/or print the valuation summary, for negotiation, consulting, planning or reporting purposes.

Resources: Access comprehensive collection of resources and market research data to determine appropriate inputs.

The last 20 years have seen tremendous growth in the value of intellectual property. Today, nearly $5 of every $6 of S&P 500 companies’ market value is attributable to intangible property. As market value grew, so did the volume of IP exchanges and the importance of accurately and objectively valuing IP assets in the absence of public trading markets, and standardized exchange terms and conditions. Complexity, cost and uncertainty grew in lockstep with IP criticality.

The IP valuation methods that have been developed are either inexpensive, but yielding very coarse results, or expensive, but yielding more detailed valuation results. The Competitive Advantage Valuation (CAV) method was specifically developed to strike a unique balance between cost and precision. The CAV method measures the principal determinants of IP value in an affordable, easy-to-use way. No other valuation method yields this level of precision at this price.

The CAV method was developed over many years to value IP assets and formulate technology commercialization strategies on behalf of corporate, university and federal laboratory clients of the Technology Commercialization Research Center at Syracuse University. The CAV method provides accurate, affordable and objective valuation results that are:

  • Specific for dollar amounts and percentages
  • Repeatable for testing and comparing valuation results
  • Affordable in terms of information, analysis and time costs
  • Flexible for usage in multiple valuation contexts
  • Scalable for performing simple and complex valuations

The CAV Software gives inventors/assignors/licensors, and prospective assignees/ licensees a single, straight-forward method for determining IP value. Created by nationally recognized IP law expert Ted Hagelin, the CAV Software yields clear and logical valuation results through a single program platform for actionable negotiation, planning and reporting. The easy-to-use CAV Software includes detailed explanations and instructions for each step of the process, and over 75 research resources to obtain the information needed for valuation. The CAV Software is ideal for limited usage by inventors and entrepreneurs, and for multiple usage by IP management and technology transfer professionals.

CAV Compared to Other Valuation Methods

CAV is the only valuation method that:

  • Considers all of the variables that determine IP value
  • Calculates discrete dollar and percentage amounts for IP value variables
  • Calculates IP competitive advantage relative to competing IP
  • Quantifies technical, market and intellectual property risk associated with IP
  • Equalizes return on investment in IP for parties engaged in an IP exchange
  • Is implemented in a software program

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Technology Transfer Tactics is proud to partner with CAVTEC in bringing this useful software to our customers. CAVTEC was founded by the late Ted Hagelin, a nationally recognized expert in technology commercialization and IP valuation through his work as the Director of Syracuse University’s New Technology Law Center (SUNTEC) and Technology Commercialization Research Center (TCRC). Professor Hagelin taught intellectual property and technology commercialization law at Syracuse University, and his research focused on intellectual property strategy and patent valuation.

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