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The Medical Innovation Playbook

Published by Cleveland Clinic Innovations
Format: PDF
508 pages
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The Playbook is offered to universities, non-profits, and AUTM members at the special discounted rate of $495 – a $300 savings off the regular corporate rate.
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Medical Innovation PlaybookAn unprecedented view behind the scenes of innovation and partnering strategy at 61 top academic medical centers, featuring 500+ pages filled with:  

  • Benchmarks and key statistics
  • Innovation strategies
  • Specific case studies
  • Best practices
  • Details on collaboration and partnering activity

Academic medical centers are playing an increasingly vital role in providing breakthrough research – yet information and data on the commercialization system across these healthcare institutions is scarce and difficult to access. But now there’s an all new resource that fills that gap, providing performance benchmarks and detailed best practices from 61 of the nation’s top academic medical centers.

Institution Profiles
by the Numbers!

Each of the 61 institutions profiled includes vital data such as:

  • Total start-ups
  • Annual licensing revenue
  • Total licenses
  • Total patents
  • Full-time employees
  • Invention disclosures
  • Distribution of healthcare invention disclosures

This 508-page comprehensive resource — created by the world-renowned experts at Cleveland Clinic Innovations — profiles the commercialization programs at 61 of the nation’s top healthcare institutions and academic medical centers — including their approach for stimulating new collaborations and medical innovations.

You’ll get an in-depth look into how hospitals and universities are successfully sending thousands of new technologies to market through locally designed and managed commercialization teams. Nowhere else will you find a more comprehensive view of new approaches and new collaborations in medical innovation and tech transfer.

Get Benchmark Data and Best Practices
from 61 Top Academic Medical Centers

More than 60 institutions have contributed data to the Medical Innovation Playbook. The combined experience of these profiled TCOs encompasses:

  • 9,600+ invention disclosures
  • 2,600 executed licenses and options
  • $1.5 billion in licensing revenues
  • 280+ start-up companies created
  • 6,400+ patent applications
  • 1,900 issued patents

The institution profiles and related analyses will give you an in-depth look into each of these programs and provide proven strategies that will enhance your own collaboration efforts.

Participants also completed a comprehensive survey characterizing the structure, performance, and activities of their respective Technology Commercialization Offices. This will give you an unprecedented view into the role healthcare innovation plays within the wider field of advanced technology commercialization. You’ll also see how technology commercialization revenues are distributed among various stakeholders. And you can easily and efficiently explore programs by institution, state, and technology area.

The Medical Innovation Playbook is a must-have resource for:

  • Industry, Investors, and Entrepreneurs: Individuals and companies will find the Medical Innovation Playbook a unique and unrivaled resource as they explore collaborations, licensing, partnership, and investment opportunities with academic medical centers.
  • Tech Transfer and Commercialization Professionals: Program managers in healthcare institutions and academic medical centers can consult the Medical Innovation Playbook for comparative information and insights about others’ programs as they strive for greater success within their own programs and expand their collaborative and partner networks.
  • Economic Development Agencies and Public Officials: The Medical Innovation Playbook will provide regional, state, and federal policy leaders with the opportunity to expand their perspective on medical innovation inside healthcare and academic medical centers, enhancing their understanding of the contributions these organizations make in advancing medical innovation and improving the quality of patient care.
  • Consultants and Strategists: The Medical Innovation Playbook will support policy development, performance improvement, and strategic planning in many aspects of the medical innovation field.

The Medical Innovation Playbook is
Produced by a 
World-Renowned Team
Specializing in Business Development

The Medical Innovation Playbook was created by experts at Cleveland Clinic Innovations, the corporate venturing arm of the Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland Clinic Innovations was established in 2000 to promote innovation for improved treatment of the sick through the deployment of Cleveland Clinic technology. Innovations’ business development mission includes bringing breakthrough innovations to market by commercializing new technologies and capabilities developed at Cleveland Clinic through spin-off companies, licenses, consulting and joint ventures. In 2012, it was ranked as one of the top four healthcare corporate venturing units in the world by Global Corporate Venturing magazine.

Special pricing for Universities,
AUTM Memebers, and Non-Profits

The Playbook is offered to universities, non-profits, and AUTM members at the special discounted rate of $495 – a $300 savings off the regular corporate rate.  

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