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Amending University IP Ownership Policies to Boost Disclosures and Corporate Interest

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Originally presented: February 17, 2015

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tugowar-2Are your university’s IP policies working against you?

Many policies governing university-derived intellectual property have not been reviewed or altered for decades – yet the world of research commercialization has changed dramatically. Strategic corporate alliances, faculty and student start-ups,  joint development projects have all become major imperatives for tech transfer offices, but too often rigid IP policies fail to support these efforts – or even work against them.

How IP ownership rights and access are defined in these agreements, and how improvements are handled, can stop negotiations dead in their tracks. Or alternatively, with a progressive, partnership-focused approach, you can use IP policy as a magnet to attract more companies, more inventors, more investors, and more revenue for your TTO. And you can avoid sticky legal situations that lead to bad blood between your TTO and faculty and a tarnished reputation with industry. Find out how in this detailed, one-hour webinar:

Amending University IP Ownership Policies to Boost Disclosures and Corporate Interest

When you attend this practical session, you’ll literally take a page from some forward-thinking universities’ policy manuals. They have taken steps to change their IP ownership models – as well as inventor compensation policies – and they’re using these changes as a lever to enhance corporate and faculty relations – and to do more deals as a result. This webinar will discuss those policies shifts and guide you on how to adapt them in your university.

Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division is pleased to partner with two experts, attorney Larry Schroepfer and Robert R. Gruetzmacher, PhD, CLP, for this breakthrough webinar. They will discuss:

  • Laying the legal groundwork for ownership rights of IP created through:
    • Faculty as full-time employee
    • Faculty as consultant
    • Joint or sponsored research agreements
    • Student discoveries and disclosure
    • Licensee improvements
  • Leveraging IP ownership and compensation policy changes to attract strategic partners:
    • Inventor compensation and reward systems
    • IP policy for student inventions
    • Start-ups
    • IP and corporate licensees
  • Due diligence best practices that head off trouble and create transparency
  • Review of recent policy changes at two distinguished universities
  • IP ownership scenarios and the pros and cons of each

Meet your expert presenters:

auipop-larry-schroepferLarry Schroepfer is the founder and principal of Schroepfer Technology Law, a practice devoted to technology and intellectual property transactions. Mr. Schroepfer is a Certified Licensing Professional, and has over twenty years’ experience in the licensing and intellectual property field. He is an active member of several professional associations (including the Licensing Executives Society, AIPLA and the Association of University Technology Managers), and has spoken on numerous occasions on licensing and related matters. 

auipop-robert-gruetzmacherDr. Robert Gruetzmacher is the founder and principal of TechIAConnect & Associates, a business development and technology transfer consulting firm and an associate of IntellectualAssets, Inc., a consulting firm in Saratoga, California. Dr. Gruetzmacher is an active member of the Licensing Executives Society, the American Chemical Society, and the Association of University Technology Managers, and serves on the industrial advisory boards of the Larta Institute, and in the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.   He is the co-founder of ICM Gathering, a community of over 30 companies world-wide that brainstorm and explore novel ways of extracting value from innovation and knowledge-based assets.  He is an associate member of the University- Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) and served on its board of directors.

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