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Best Practices for De-Risking University Innovations from Discovery to Exit

Format: Live Webinar, On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
Tuesday, November 24, 2020 ~ 1:00-2:00 pm (Eastern Time)

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The Valley of Death yawns wide for cutting edge university inventions. One way to bridge the gap from basic science to venture funding is internal development to de-risk promising innovations and ultimately overcome investor reluctance to back too-early opportunities.  

With a solid evaluation of an innovation’s potential at each developmental and financial milestone, you can avoid wasting tons of time – and tens of thousands of dollars – on projects that should have been “killed” early and devote resources to developing and de-risking discoveries that have big potential payoffs. There is no cookie cutter approach — each innovation is unique, with specific factors that call for risk reviews at every milestone to determine continued marketability.

UNeMed has seen success with their method for de-risking and moving technologies forward to the marketplace, using an approach that looks at technology transfer and start-up formation and development like an entrepreneur. That’s why Tech Transfer Central has teamed up with Joe Runge, JD, from UNeMed and UNeTech –  the technology transfer and start-up incubation arms of the University of Nebraska’s Omaha campus — for this critically important webinar:

Best Practices for De-Risking University Innovations from Discovery to Exit

In this practical session, you’ll learn multiple approaches to de-risk your portfolio and learn UNeTech’s “secret sauce” of processes and strategies to help your TTO significantly improve its own vetting and de-risking efforts.

  • Why de-risking is so important, and how to do it internally
  • Project evaluation strategies that cut time and money spent on likely losers
  • Milestone management tactics that keep de-risking efforts on track
  • How TTOs can help view and manage their portfolios more like entrepreneurs
  • Key factors in determining which assets to back and which to shelve
  • Identifying internal resources that can reduce start-up costs and help turn projects revenue positive.
  • Leaning into community partnerships to cultivate entrepreneurship.
  • Integrating licensing efforts and start-up formation to bring new projects to market.

Plus: Mr. Runge will answer all of your questions during the interactive Q&A portion of the program and you will receive a downloadable PowerPoint slide deck.

Meet your program leader:

Joe RungeJoe Runge, JD
Business Development Manager

Joe is a registered patent lawyer, a published scientist and is licensed to practice in the state of Nebraska. He has lectured on entrepreneurship, intellectual property and regulatory law. Joe writes regularly on intellectual property and entrepreneurship and is a 15-year veteran of technology transfer with an emphasis on development and start-ups. The principle investigator of the Medical Device Pipeline i6 program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Joe’s emphasis is now on the UNeTech Institute and leveraging university expertise, inventions and research resources to add value to university and community launched start-ups. Joe is also the co-host of Innovation Overground — the front porch of University Innovation — new episodes every Monday – available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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