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Best Practices for TTOs and University Spinouts in Working with Contract Research Organizations

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Originally presented: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
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As industry and investors have become more risk averse, universities have increasingly turned to internal de-risking strategies for drug candidates to better attract potential licensees or to advance their faculty start-ups. However, the de-risking process can present a daunting hurdle that can stop what could be a life-saving innovation in its tracks. As a result, many TTOs and university spinouts have begun working more closely with contract research organizations (CROs). CROs come in many flavors, sizes, and specialties. Traditionally perceived as simply “service providers,” CROs are now becoming recognized as essential extensions and even partners of universities in bringing promising therapies to market.

One big benefit of a CRO is speed. University labs often struggle with competing priorities, personnel shortages, and equipment limitations; CROs offer quick turn-around-times, along with high quality, deep expertise, and airtight regulatory compliance. Additionally, studies performed at CROs can produce the quality of reports expected by pharmaceutical companies and investors, offering external validation to previously performed university studies.

However, navigating the vast, growing expanse of CROs – with varying specializations and capabilities – is not an easy or straightforward task. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Judy Prasad, PhD, Assistant Director of UNC-Chapel Hill’s KickStart Venture Services, for this informative distance learning program:

Working with Contract Research Organizations

During this one-hour program, you will learn why, how, and when to contract with a CRO, how to choose the best CRO for your project(s), and how to ensure the CRO relationship works optimally for your TTO to support your university’s innovators and spinouts. Here’s a look at what Dr. Prasad will cover: 

  • Why and when should universities and spinouts work with CROs?
  • What to expect: How CROs operate
  • How do you know if your startup or drug candidate is ready to engage with a CRO?
  • Involvement of faculty, spinouts, and TTO in CRO coordination
  • Which CROs should you work with?
    • Capabilities
    • Costs
    • Specialization
    • Certification and Compliance
    • Services
    • Timeliness and Reporting
  • How can you ensure a strong relationship with your CRO?

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Meet your presenter

Judy PrasadJudy Prasad, PhD
Assistant Director
KickStart Venture Services

As Assistant Director of UNC-Chapel Hill’s KickStart Venture Services, Judy Prasad supports the incubation, launch and growth of startups based on the university’s intellectual property. Having worked with a university spinout herself, she led the investor engagement, business development, and operations for AVnovum Therapeutics, one of the University of Chicago’s founding biotech ventures. Judy was also one of the first employees at a preclinical CRO based in Toronto, Ontario, employing the use of feline animal models to study cognition.

With more than 10 years of academic and industry experience, she has worked with numerous government, academic and industry-based stakeholders to create commercialization and research partnerships. Judy holds a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience from McGill University and is one of the Global Biotechnology Revolution’s Top 100 Leaders of Tomorrow.

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