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Best Practices in Negotiating, Drafting, and Managing Sublicenses

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Originally presented: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Sublicensing can be tricky – but properly drafted provisions and a solid compliance plan will protect your IP and keep royalties flowing in the right direction.

Granting third parties the right to licensed IP through sublicensing provisions is tricky business for university TTOs. If the sublicensing provision is overly broad, you open up the IP to potential abuse. Too strict and you limit advancement of the IP and may lose out on royalty revenue. It’s a balancing act that takes expertise, and lessons are often learned the hard way.

Join us for this critical webinar featuring IP attorney and licensing expert Kristie Prinz:

Best Practices in Negotiating, Drafting, and Managing Sublicenses

Ms. Prinz, a leading IP transactions attorney, will guide you through best practices in drafting and negotiating sublicensing rights, as well as ensuring the royalties and other revenues that stem from those rights are properly tracked and accounted for.

This practical session will also teach you strategies for developing sublicensee relationships and managing sublicensees after the deal is signed to effectively protect your IP in a range of scenarios. You’ll also gain important insights into the issues that must be addressed when entering into licensing relationships that permit sublicensing.

Here’s a quick look at the agenda:

  • Defining the scope of a licensee’s right to sublicense
  • Structuring royalty payment obligations to maximize potential sublicensing revenues
  • Non-royalty revenue opportunities for subslicenses
  • Negotiating terms that minimize sublicensing liability risks
  • Defining the relationship between licensor and sublicensee after the termination of the license
  • Strategies to maintain oversight over sublicensing relationships
  • Effective management of sublicensing revenue collection and
  • Avoiding common mistakes and potential sublicensing pitfalls

Meet your presenter

Kristie D. Prinz, Esq.
Prinz Law Office

Kristie Prinz is a California-licensed software, digital health, technology transactions, and IP attorney in Silicon Valley who founded her own boutique firm. For more than 21 years, her practice has focused on providing technical and IP-focused business transactions advice to early-stage start-ups and mid-market companies in the software, SaaS, technology, and digital health industries.  She regularly advises both U.S. based and international companies. Kristie is the author of the Silicon Valley Software Law Blog and a frequent speaker on software, SaaS, technology, and IP transactions issues. She graduated from Vanderbilt Law School and is also licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia.

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