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Become Industry Friendly: Transform Your TTO Into a Licensee Magnet

Format: On-Demand Audio/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: May 20, 2010

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It’s an unfortunate reality: university TTOs have a reputation in the corporate world as lacking business savvy, being slow to respond to requests, overvaluing their IP, and insisting on terms that just don’t fly with industry negotiators. If you’re like many tech transfer professionals, that tired refrain is getting very old, and you feel frustrated being lumped into a stereotype that just doesn’t match with today’s more sophisticated and responsive TTO. Perhaps some of those “dinosaur” offices still exist, but you’ve worked hard to build an organization that is ready and willing to work at a pace, and with the business acumen, that industry wants.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has recruited an expert with deep experience on both sides of the industry-TTO fence, who will provide you with the tools and insights necessary to dispel negative preconceptions — and help you gain the reputation as the “go-to” TTO for business.

Join Bill Cawley, Senior Vice President of Insights & Research at Innovaro (formerly UTEK), for:

Become Industry-Friendly:
Transform Your TTO Into A Licensee Magnet

This 90-minute webinar gets inside the heads of industry decision-makers to reveal what they are looking for in potential licensors, and how you can position your TTO – and your technologies – as irresistible to their business needs. This program will teach you:

  • Knowing your Prospective Licensee
    — Comparing the University TTO Model vs Industry Business Model
    — Understanding licensees’ unique business drivers and processes
    — Assessing the licensee’s ability to commercialize your technology
  • Technology – The Value Proposition
    — Take the time to investigate its value to the potential client
    — Material testing requirements
    — Leveraging tools and resources
  • Due Diligence
    — Preparation with documentation, notes, drawings, publications, patent info
    — Responsiveness and availability
  • Terms – Flexibility
    — It’s not an us vs. them scenario
    — Market analysis and deal structures
  • Collaboration – Ongoing
    — Developing long-term relationships
    — Offering alternative research
  • After the Close – Staying connected
    — Business driver changes
    — Market trends and changes
    — Addressing the negative and the positive

Your Expert Presenter:

Bill Cawley, Senior Vice President, Insights & Research, Technology Marketplaces – Innovaro (formerly UTEK). Mr. Cawley brings 28 years of diversified sales & business development experience to Innovaro. Prior to working at Innovaro, he worked across several divisions of the IBM Corporation as a Principal, Practice Executive, National Sales Leader and has expertise and experience as an IBM Certified Project Manager.

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