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Building International Sponsored Research Collaborations: Navigating Culture, Contracting, Compliance, and IP Protection

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Originally presented: Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Globalization has made the opportunities for research partnerships in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere more abundant than ever. But along with that opportunity comes tremendous challenge and complexity, particularly when it comes to cultural diversity. In many countries, business practices are shaped by deeply held cultural attitudes toward work, trust, wealth and communication. What may be a commonplace gesture, negotiation tactic or contractual phrase at home could be highly offensive elsewhere, and understanding what motivates the other party both culturally and professionally can create a positive atmosphere for long term collaborations.

Along with the cultural issues, critical differences and challenges must be addressed in contracting, compliance, and IP protection.

To help you tap into the growing international opportunities for sponsored research deals – while also ensuring key issues surrounding IP and other contract terms are appropriately addressed — Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has secured two experts to present this practical and essential program:

Building International Sponsored Research Collaborations: Navigating Culture, Contracting, Compliance, and IP Protection

Register today for this information-packed session that will discuss best practices for cultivating and negotiating sponsored research collaborations worldwide. Our esteemed panelists will discuss:

  • The Role and Importance of Culture
    • How to research and prepare for cultural, commercial and technical issues across borders
    • Key cultural differences that can derail negotiations
  • Contracts and Intellectual Property
    • Understanding co-ownership expectations in various regions
    • How to protect your university’s IP across borders
    • Differences in deal term expectations
  • Handling Research Ethics and Compliance Issues Internationally
    • Controlling the flow of information to avoid IP leakage
    • Key compliance and reporting requirements for cross-border collaborations
  • Case Studies of Effective Industry Collaboration Agreements in Various Countries
    • Keys to long-term, collegial relationships
    • Strategies for avoiding disputes and misunderstandings

PLUS: Follow along with the original recorded post-session Q&A!

Meet Your Presenters:

James CaseyJames Casey, J.D.
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
American University

Mr. Casey is responsible for the direction and management of all pre-award and non-financial post award grant and contract administration operations. He provides leadership in developing policies and procedures to ensure institutional compliance, and integrates national best practices into all AU policies and procedures related to sponsored programs. He possesses over 20 years of research management experience, encompassing sponsored research management and re-engineering, contracting, industry and international collaboration, and compliance. Mr. Casey has given research administration presentations in 14 countries.  He is a long-time NCURA contributor and received their Distinguished Service Award in 2009. A Wisconsin – licensed attorney since 1990, he is on the State Bar of Wisconsin Executive Committee and is Past President of the Nonresident Lawyers Division. James is a Fellow of the Wisconsin Law Foundation and becomes a member of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar in March 2017.

John M. CarforaJohn M. Carfora, EdD, CCEP, RIO
Associate Provost – Research Advancement and Compliance
Office of Academic Affairs
Loyola Marymount University

Dr. Carfora oversees and coordinates university efforts to develop research capacity and ensure research compliance in accordance with federal regulations, state laws, private sponsor policies and regulations, and internal policies and regulations. He works closely with faculty, staff, deans, and other administrators to increase the volume of externally funded research and to ensure appropriate communication and training programs related to research funding and compliance. He holds graduate degrees from a number of universities, including The London School of Economics, Harvard University, and a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University. A recipient of several international research awards, John has lectured throughout the USA, Europe, Canada and Africa. Dr. Carfora served as Director of International Education at the Russian Academy of Management (Moscow), and was founding Curator of the Sir Leonard Bertram Schapiro Collection at the British Library of Political and Economic Sciences (London). He was a Fulbright Scholar to Ireland, an IREX Fellow to Russia, and received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Council of University Research Administrators.

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