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Bridge the Gap Between Inventor and IP Attorney: How to Bullet-Proof Your Patents with Airtight Written Descriptions

Format: On-Demand Video with closed captions
Originally presented: Tuesday, October 24, 2023
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The written description is one of the most important elements of any patent, impacting not only overall patentability but the validity of every claim, while also serving as the front line defense against invalidity challenges. And that description starts with the inventor, not the attorney drafting the patent.

Yet the language of the inventor and the patent attorney are different, and failure to adequately bridge this gap can result in weaker patent protection, delays, and higher cost. This problem is especially critical when the inventor is working on an emerging technology, often requiring the patent attorney to spend a great deal of time – and billable hours — figuring out the fundamental principles of the invention.

To help IP practitioners and TTOs ensure maximum protection while saving time and money in the patent drafting process, we’ve teamed up with Peter Hanik, Founder and President of Pretium Innovation, LLC, for this practical webinar:

Bridge the Gap Between Inventor and IP Attorney

Mr. Hanik will share his proven method for ensuring inventors provide the right information, in the right way with the right level of detail and background, so the patent attorney can translate it into the strongest possible patent, while saving time and expense.  

Here’s a brief look at the areas we’ll cover:

Best practices for writing invention descriptions:

  • Explaining how and why the invention functions
  • Describing the invention in its broadest sense
  • Describe the broadest invention that is outside of prior art
  • Expanding the invention to cover all possible variations
  • Writing the description to circumvent competitor patents
  • How to expand the invention to other applications not anticipated in the current invention

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Meet your expert presenter

Peter P. HanikPeter P. Hanik, P.E.
Founder and President
Pretium Innovation, LLC

Mr. Hanik is president and founder of Pretium Innovation, a technology and consulting company specializing in intellectual property and team-based innovation systems to create sustainable value.

He has developed proprietary on-site and on-line services for innovation methods in business strategy, business process redesign, manufacturing process improvement, product development, product offerings, and intellectual property enhancement. Mr. Hanik was instrumental in developing a suite of software products to support Pretium’s innovation methods and education programs. Pretium’s methods have been used by many industrial and technology companies and have been taught at the University of Texas-Austin and Kent State University.

Mr. Hanik earned his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago, is a sought after presenter, educator and writer, and holder of three patents.

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