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The Continuing Evolution of Express Licensing: Maximizing the Benefits and Minimizing the Drawbacks

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Originally presented: Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Price: $197

Since they were first developed and introduced by a select few TTOs several years ago, “express” licenses have become a widely used tool. Many organizations are using various versions of standardized, express agreements to dramatically speed licensing and start-up formation, and this streamlined approach has garnered heavy industry interest, more deals, more faculty spinouts, and better corporate relationships.

But not all experience with these template agreements has been positive, and many important lessons have been learned and applied in the years since express agreements first appeared on the scene. These “quick and easy” deals come with trade-offs, and trouble can lurk in seemingly simple contract language and key drafting omissions.

We’ve recruited two tech transfer veterans and licensing experts to take a fresh look at express licenses – what’s been learned as they’ve become more common, where they work best, when they just don’t work, and how to apply best practices developed over the past several years to update, enhance, and refine express agreements so they perform optimally for your university and for your licensees. Take just one hour with this important program, led by experienced TTO leaders Kevin Lei from Emory University and Dean Stell from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. 

Here’s a brief look at the agenda:

  • Review various express license models and how they have evolved since inception
  • Weigh the pros and cons of “click-thru” vs.  “express” licenses
  • How to determine which technologies will benefit most from express licensing
  • Identify best practices for creating an express license from scratch
  • Reveal the benefits and limitations of this popular licensing strategy
  • Provide statistical information from top universities who are employing express licenses
  • The incentives, benefits, and drawbacks for both your TTO and for your partners:
    • Licensees
    • Investors
    • Inventors
    • Government agencies

Your Expert Presenters:

Kevin Lei, MS, MBA
Director, Faculty & Start-up Services
Office of Technology Transfer
Emory University

Mr. Lei’s 24-year employment history has included positions in both the academic and industrial sectors. Seventeen of these years have been spent in positions of increasing responsibility within the medical industry and life sciences technology transfer. He was a bench scientist, an operations manager of a biotech incubator, a founding president of a biotech start-up, and a R&D manager of a Georgia-based biotech company before joining Emory fourteen years ago. Mr. Lei is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP™).

Dean Stell, BS, MBA
Associate Director
Office of Technology Asset Management
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Mr. Stell has been with Wake Forest since 1999 and has successfully completed deals in a broad range of technology areas.  He is routinely invited to speak at conferences around the U.S. and guest lecture both undergraduate and graduate level students.  Mr. Stell is a member of AUTM and was a member of the inaugural class of Certified Licensing Professionals.

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