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Contracts and Agreements in Research Commercialization

A Primer for New Staff, Faculty, Interns, and Students
Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: Wednesday, December 21, 2022
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In the tech transfer and sponsored research worlds, the acronyms for a dizzying array of contracts and agreements may seem like alphabet soup to all but the experienced professionals who work in TTOs and research offices. NDA, MTA, CRADA, SRA, MSRA, CRA, IIA, DTUA, MOU — and then there are the specific types of license agreements: express, exclusive, non-exclusive, option – all with different purposes and different terms.

With unprecedented turnover in the tech transfer field, it has given rise to a new and less experienced workforce that may be less familiar with the intimate workings of the commercialization process. It can be hard for faculty, students, and new staff to discern which agreement is appropriate for what situation, who the stakeholders are in each, common terms, and other key differences.

It’s difficult to reach everyone to ensure they have a basic working knowledge of research contracts and agreements, but the uninformed can leave your IP vulnerable and possibly violate university IP policy.

This program can give you a big assist. We’ve teamed up with Jessica L. Boyle, JD, Associate Director, Division of Sponsored Programs with The University of Iowa, and Bryce Pilz, Executive Director of Licensing & Strategic Alliances with Innovation Partnerships at the University of Michigan, to bring you this outstanding program:

Contracts and Agreements in Research Commercialization

This program will focus on the fundamentals needed to understand the various documents, agreements and contracts that involve the protection and commercialization of university IP.

Join our expert panel – and keep the on-demand version in your training library. Here’s a quick look at what we’ll cover:

  • Agreements related to sponsored programs such as:
    • Inter-institutional agreements
    • Sponsored research agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Material Transfer Agreements and Data Use Agreements
    • Master Research Agreements
  • Agreements related to technology commercialization such as:
    • Consulting agreements
    • Various IP license types and when to use each
    • Defining Copyright, Trademark, Patent and Trade Secrets
    • Licensing to outside companies
    • Licensing to a university-born company
    • Sublicensing

Meet your panelists:

Jessica L. Boyle, JD
Associate Director
Division of Sponsored Program
University of Iowa

Bryce Pilz
Executive Director of Licensing & Strategic Alliances
Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan

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