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Cultivate Winning University-Industry Relationships Through Corporate Affiliate Programs

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Originally presented: Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Corporate affiliate programs are designed to provide members an exclusive view into the research and activities of specific departments or programs within a university and foster dynamic collaborations between the university and the affiliate program members. They also allow university researchers to better understand, appreciate and meet the needs of industry. The benefits to each party can be profound, from new revenue, new partnerships, and licensing opportunities for the university to talent acquisition, a ready source of valuable innovations, and a competitive advantage for corporate affiliates. In short, these programs have proven to be an outstanding funnel for long-term value and growth in industry engagement.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division is teaming up with Todd Cleland, PhD, Senior Director of Corporate Relations for the University of Washington, to discuss how to structure, manage and grow various types of corporate affiliate programs. Please join us for this business-building webinar:

Cultivate Winning University-Industry Relationships Through Corporate Affiliate Programs

Dr. Cleland has worked with a variety of industry affiliate programs at the University of Washington. Here’s a quick look at what he will address in this detailed session:

  • Types of affiliate programs (gift-based, research-based)
    • How these program types compare
    • Member fees and benefits
  • Overview of the NSF’s Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers program (IUCRC) model
  • Tips for starting a new affiliate program
  • Identifying your university’s research “hot spots” that are prime candidates for an affiliate program
  • Importance of faculty role in affiliates programs
  • Benefits to the university and corporate members related to:
    • Research
    • Licensing
    • Talent acquisition
    • Consulting arrangements
    • Networking and more…
  • Growing the program: Staffing and budgetary concerns for sustainability

Meet Your Program Leader:

Todd ClelandTodd Cleland
Senior Director, Corporate Relations
University of Washington

Todd leads the corporate relations team in UW’s Central CFR Office.  His team develops strategies for and manages relationships with the University’s top companies. His expertise includes industry-sponsored projects, company involvement in government-funded programs, industry affiliate programs and connections for consulting. He also leads strategic projects to improve the corporate relations experience, both for companies and University stakeholders. Prior to joining the UW, Todd had a 20+ year career at Hewlett-Packard, where he worked in R&D, management and business development roles. He is an inventor on 20 patents. Todd holds a B.S.E. from Princeton and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, both in chemical engineering; he also has a master’s degree in management from MIT’s Sloan School.

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